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  1. Omg she is so beautiful walking out to the stage in that white dress. Worth my sleep deprive of the night. Sadly the camera didn't give her a closer focus. She so gorgeous. After haven't seen her for a while, I'm so happy and is satisfie. Our beautiful Ji Min. Good night everyone who stay up watching.
  2. I miss them. 55th Baeksang Art Awards throwback Ji Min and Joo Hyuk. I love watching their BTS and there Baeksang Art Awards moments. I can see these two have great support for each other. Josee please come by soon.
  3. I heard she will attend Baeksang Art Awards is that true? If so then I will watch. If not I probably won't. She's so beautiful in the blue dress. So radiant and lovely. @tok-soompi it's alright, she has done so well so even if she win or not, she still one talented actress.
  4. I'm very happy to know this drama has gained positive Light from many viewers. A masterpiece that people should watch if they haven't. I'm so move by Ji Min, Kim Hye Ja, and Joo Hyuk excellent performance. Ji Min and Joo Hyuk I wait for you.
  5. Thank you to everyone who has been keeping us update and keeping this thread going. @tok-soompi @richelle agree hopefully she attend the Grand Bell Awards so we can see her. Miss our talented Ji Min so much. I'm concerning too as everyone, why she got so skinny. I hope she is doing fine and stay fit healthy. She's so beautiful. Like JHI said her eyes are so beautiful. She has been given us some very beautiful and very memorable productions. I will keep asking when will we get to see Josee and Here. Getting impatient lately.
  6. Cain and Abel my OTP Out of the blue I'm just feeling very sad. I want to see Ji Min act opposite So Ji Sub again. Sorry for keep spamming my nonsense because it's Ji Min's thread so I feel more comfortable sharing my fan girl heart for them. No bad intentions but just I miss her with SJS so much.
  7. I want to see her pair up with YAI soon. He is such a great actor. I want her to have the opportunity to act opposite all the amazing actors that she has yet get the chance to work with. That will really boost her acting ability. She was already an amazing actress. I'm always move by every performance she had delivered in all her past work. I remember watching a fan made crossover mv of Queen Jeong Sun and Crown Prince Sado together. I love the idea so much. Sadly can't find the mv anymore. I know I might sound so crazy but I really want to see Han Ji Min and So Ji Sub play a remake of Yi San where So Ji Sub is King Jeong Jo. Because I was rewatching Sado and The Fatal Encounter. I was having so much mix emotion to keep thinking how would it feel like to have them as Lady Song-Yeon and The Jeong Jo. My love for these two will always be there. With no shame, I miss them so much. So Ji Sub and Han Ji Min...
  8. Happy Friday to everyone. Too much works so having drop by for a while. I'm happy that a couple more fans are joining this thread. I was also very disappointed too knowing that she has done so great lately but still wasn't nominated. It's okay, as long as her fans see the effort she put in her performance. I want Josee to premiere so bad and Here to be in shooting process already. I guess we have to be patient.
  9. So is Ji Min nominated for the Baeksang too? If so that's a good news because I miss her much.
  10. She so cute. Baeksang Art Awards where Gong Yoo win 2017. So beautiful.
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