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  1. This is hands down the best kdrama I've watched in 2020. Beautifully written and executed, perfect chemistry between main leads, excellent supporting cast. I'm going to bed with a warm and happy heart tonight
  2. I also know we shouldn't talk about other ship so this is my only time too: their delulu mind is pretty annoying. We can ship, they can ship, but the way they're bashing YJ, or comparing V@ST's denials in both cases ( 1>5, etc.) is really pathetic. If they have a few crumbs, we have a bakery with thousands of baguettes, yet we never try to undermine their ship so it's time they learn to respect our ship too.
  3. OMG the kiss is so affectionate and heart fluttering!! I love that when KT start the kiss, MY immediately closes her eyes and enjoy it, not open eye and pretend to act surprisingly like the first time. And did you guys hear the sound they make, aww Btw, just realize that MY is a Cancer, no wonder why she's so moody, emotional, sensitive and stubborn. I'm a Cancer myself and from the beginning I've been feeling so related to this character.
  4. I'm also one of those who shipped them after watching TN. Although it is not a romance movie and there was no clue that HB and SYJ characters fall for each other, but the way they look into each other eyes, and the way HB character says "I really wanted to go for that drink, too" are crazily intense. It's amazing how they can have such good chemistry in a short time working together.
  5. Lol, Hyun Bin is getting more popular in US which means he cant just go to LA for grocery shopping with his close friend anymore
  6. I know what you're describing, exactly what I feel. The chemistry and love scenes of that OTP is awkward, mostly because there's no build-up for their love story. Everything happens for no reason and viewer don't understand why they fall in love for each other. In CLOY, it takes a while for our OTP to realize their feelings towards each other and we're attached to their story, so when their love grows, our hearts flutter. This is my 3rd time watching CLOY so there's no surprise anymore but I still remember the 1st time I watch, I was sitting on edge at the end of every episode. There was no dull moment for the whole 16 episodes, everything is either entertaining, touching, meaningful, or funny. My favorite romcom of all time.
  7. After struggling watching 4eps of The King, here I am rewatching CLOY for the 3rd time. CLOY's acting and chemistry is really top notch that kinda make me disappointed when I watch other melo/rom com drama. The expectation bar is set too high now. One more thing I hope that wont offend any LMH fan when I say this, but I wish HB & SYJ were casted for The King, instead of current cast. I think it would make big difference.
  8. I have the same question regarding Mrs Song's story: why did Mr Song bother to come visit her every week? The ending seems a bit too rushed for me. Being final case, it is not even as good as previous small cases. Catching Mr Song seems to be too easy considering how witty he is. Being no.1 lawyer of no.1 law firm, he should have destroyed the CCTV video after bribing the detective. Everything is a bit too convenient. A few other unclear things: Why did the killer know GJ is visiting her father and wait there to attack her? Is it necessary to kill off GJ's father? (I felt a bit sad for him). How is Issume's destiny? What happens to HJ father? Overall, it's still my favorite kdrama of this year. I like all the cast, everyone is perfectly fit for their role, from main cast to supporting roles. I like the the romance between GJ&HJ, very original and refreshing. I like the storyline ep1-15 but not the last one. I HATE the stylist as their fashion hurts my eyes omg. I'd sign any petition for season 2!!
  9. Kevin is a kinda simple, easy to read guy. I don't say he's not smart (he's CEO of a multi billion company anyway), but he's not Mr Song either (~someone who hide their thoughts and feelings). He has a crush on GJ and just want to show off to her. Just saw this today, not sure if anyone posted it. JJH is so cute writing a long compliment paragraph which 99.99% people reading it would know it's from him aw my heart
  10. I'm also disappointed with Gi Hyeok, but there's a scene in episode 13, where Yoo Mi tell him that he should be loyal to HJ and she'd be loyal to GJ, so I'm hoping there will be a twist that GH is still trying to help his friend. Apart from our OTP, I really like Ms Boo. She's not only smart and pretty, but also confident enough to confess her love to HJ and not feel the need to play dirty to GJ (I'm bored of that kind of love triangle cliché). In fact, she 's always been respecting GJ and follow GJ's order because she knows it's the right thing to do. They will use Mr Kim's license while appealing to Korean Bar Association about their license suspension order. Guess there will be new evidence come up and they'll get their license back before the court day. Anyone knows where can we find rating of this show? I checked http://asianwiki.com/Hyena_(2020) but their update is quite slow.
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