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  1. Even though this fan meeting held for JP fans, I guess we still can send questions (in English) to Son Ye Jin through the following form. -------------------------------- Call for questions for Son Ye-jin! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScZP7V8cqR4ZH_boRcyw3OdETZb6-fk_-mueNarp4Y5mJqf4Q/viewform The first online fan meeting of popular Korean actress Son Ye Jin, who has made a huge hit by appearing in many works such as the drama "Love's Landing" and "A beautiful sister who often treats" will be held ! We are looking for questions you would like to
  2. Congratulations to Kang So Ra. I wish her a very happy married life! And I am still here praying and waiting for big news from our beloved BinJin https://starbiz.net/k-biz/k-drama/kang-sora-announces-to-get-married
  3. This joke really cracks me up. I just can't stop laughing. This picture is legendary and I extremely adore binjingrocery's sharp wit and sense of humor
  4. About the bodyguard myth, HB and SYJ use the same bodyguard service, fast forward to 0:24 of the video. Is there anything these two do not share? In other words, YJ will trust in what HB trusts.
  5. Oh cool!! If Smart execs said that so it must be YJ riding that Ducatti. The caption of her insta post "how do I start" must be a joke, very cute. I know our girl is very energetic and strong but riding a huge bike that fast can be dangerous. The camera trick surely can help. Thanks for that insightful info.
  6. @Halinakorea I'm not sure YJ riding the bike herself in Smart CF. Its way too big for her and she's probably never rode a Ducatti before. Its the same as she needs someone professional to help her with paragliding scenes in CLOY. Agree with you that YJ is very versatile and slays in every CF she's done recently. HB must be very proud of her and its quite sad that he's only being able to watch his beautiful lady from afar. I really miss cheery emoticon stories of our dear sister @PrettyNoona. A lot happening lately, BJ must have talked a lot over phone. Please feed our delulu minds wi
  7. Yeahhh that's much better for my eyes. Wet Binnie is hwattt lol. To Mod: I tried many times to delete youtube link while quoting but it didn't work. Guess it's also a problem for other members. I am accessing Soompi via phone.
  8. YJ looks so fresh and gorgeous in new CF. Promoting Rebak with her wet hair unlike HB promoting Vita shower but was staying dry from head to toe lol.
  9. @graziea where did it show 1M views? I check this link and wonder why it shows only 122k views. I was disappointed so kept playing this video repeatedly from the moment I opened my eyes this morning lol.
  10. Never heard of this brand, SASELOMO. I'm looking into it now . Very interesting that YJ endorses a Chinese brand. Does anyone know if YJ had done endorsement with Chinese brands in the past? #smartYeJin
  11. @ElectricHearts is it what you are looking for? https://twitter.com/fingerheartsue/status/1288278477456588800?s=19
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