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  1. Agree with you guys, so many gems in that BTS. Why did they play biting lips there, even no kissing in that scene. I saw HB biting his lips like that before their take for the french kiss on the hill. They must play it a lot in real life when being side by side. And HB's THUMB to caress his girl. They are so in love in that moment See 15:20 for Ba-Bam
  2. Since you guys recall the bickering of BinJin in their interview, I just wonder why didn't they discuss about it before or right after that event happened. HB seemed really surprised with SYJ's answer and reaction. If they would have talked about it perhaps HB may have better answer or happily say sorry to YJ.
  3. I'm so curious about the scene you both mentioned so I go back to your original post. Even though I saw that vid so many times I only focused on HB's thumb movement. But today, in the light of your discussion, I just discovered YJ's fingers movement. Do you know what her fingers were trying to do, I can't see clearly
  4. @sussieh: tbh I feel HB in that vid looking a bit lonely and less attractive because no bubbly SYJ alongside of him. Pardon me I became so greedy.
  5. Agree with you. So grateful to him haha. And remember the CLOY director is also an avid shipper who was just happy that rumor promises great chemistry. Do we need more clear statements from insiders
  6. The bdg story seems confusing to me. He escorted HB way in and way out, opened the car door for SYJ at the wrap up party and worked in a team overseeing the wedding of SYJ's friend as you said. Has anyone seen him working for other actor/actress whom doesn't have close connection to HB and SYJ? I don't think that there would be possibility My mind seems just want to believe that HB sent the bdg to take care of his love hihi I don't know abt the photo op. Do you mind sharing that vid? Thanks
  7. https://www.instagram.com/p/B-QxslLpMYy/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet https://www.instagram.com/p/B-M8P_9J_0K/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet I recognize the outfit of SYJ in this vid that she wore to her friend's wedding where she also tried to catch the bride's bouquet. Does anyone know when was the time of this wedding? HB didn't come to this wedding, didn't he? Why was his bdg there?
  8. THIS. That kind of reaction was just like of a boy standing in front of a little girl asking her to marry him, not like a veteran actor trying to deliver his performance. That moment I bet something was playing in his mind and the idea of proposing to his 'close friend" made him nervous as hell. Am I delulu? Is that the cereal box you mentioned above?
  9. Oh very interesting photo indeed. She must have bought this scarf from Vietnam which used a lot by Southern Vietnamese soldiers in the past and villagers nowadays. Very typical.
  10. Remind me abt one of humorous CLOY scene when YSR had to cover RJH in her scarf after reuniting in SK
  11. Watching this interview of HB helps me understand about the intimate joke between Binnie and Jinnie in the final BTSs where she asked him about taking shower in the morning before coming to the shoot. She knows him very well or they must talk about everything even their small habits and share every little things in their daily life. https://www.instagram.com/p/B-DiwDuJflc/
  12. Do you guys think that the lips move Bam-Ba is the love code of our couple? I saw HB did it while practicing the passionate reuniting kiss scene in Switzerland and they both played that lips move cheerfully while did the making for reuniting scene in RJH's house. You can find them in the BTSs.
  13. It seems that they plan for coming back at the same time, exactly one month after CLOY. And now seeing each of them appears individually I immediately think about their other half. Waiting for more BinJin contents~~
  14. I would be more than happy if he had added those mushrooms and potatoes into the cart So we don't need to prove every single time that they live and cook together for the entire vacation. My delulu mind
  15. Watching the wonderful video you posted I feel the need to emphasize how I admire the sophisticated acting of HB in the scenes of him holding the camera and touching SR's face on the screen with those deeply sweet eyes and a light smile; and him uttering the name YSR after a few silent seconds talking to himself while taking midday walk. I really can feel RJH's love and yearning heart towards SR through HB's simple yet expressive gestures. Their actings compliment each other in the most perfect way.
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