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  1. am not a shipper nor an overload fanatic fan of BinJin , I usually watch movies/dramas after my work and relax on my couch . I watch Chinese Korean , Taiwanese , Indians kdramas n movies ...hundreds of them but there are only two kdramas that printed on my heart . Eternal Love by Yang Ming n Mark Chao and its really beautiful , I thought no one wud surpassed how I appreciated that kdrama until the CLOY landed on my nerve .... the writer , director , the crews , and the supporting actors made a master piece of arts that enchanted , captured the hearts of many viewers worldwide . I salute them and most to the lead actors who portrayed it not because the script asked for it , but the amazing effect between them made it perfect that gave millions of speculations, assumptions of their relationship . No words cud described howHyun Bin and Son Ye Jin made it to reality all I know they are perfect .... I don’t believed what others says negatively about them , what I do believed is what I feel between them , it’s my eyes and heart sees them how beautiful they are with their simplicity Tenderness , caring and protectiveness to each other . Love can wait and if they are meant for each other , Fate wud intervene to their destiny of being one heart one one soul , two people joint together as one . I’ll just pray for them that whatever good feelings they have for each would bloom and cherish it did the rest of their life , I ask God to protect each one of them to stay healthy n safe no matter what their relationship maybe ... but as I said it’s my heart desires and contentment if both will fall in love ...... Thank you very much am enjoying here in your forums and a fan if cyberyon ... am from USA
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