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  1. @NNN I also noticed 22 is the date Yejin posted the heart selca of both of them. Maybe this number has a special meaning .
  2. An impatient me is wondering if we will get any wedding announcement before we hit page 300
  3. @Kcharisma Me also think the selfie of both of them with the heart sign means something. You don't post a cute photo with your best guy friend and put a heart sign just like that! Lol! The namja chinggu book may also mean something. Haha! They certainly look so happy to be with each other
  4. @Elle R @TotoroSY @Loropetalum Thanks so much for the reassurance! Yes we will ignore that baseless tweet and in fact won't even bother to mention it anymore! My intuition tells me both HB and YJ are mutually attracted to each other. HB's body language is as clear as day. Bless him he's such a cute smitten boy. YJ is careful but certain things still give it away - her IG posts, including the special Christmas post; the rather serious (she's also tired of course) look she gave at the CLOY press con when asked about the dating rumors - usually she'd really laugh these things off. And of course all the heart fluttering BTS. I'm interested to hear more analyses from our in-house psychologist. in the meantime i continue to ship happily and patiently! My heart still flutters and i still go all fuzzy when i see them together in photos or video clips. That's the BinJin effect.
  5. I would like to think the tweet is fake news. Shippers please help to verify / clarify!
  6. Please don't wish them to be caught by Dispatch!! Whoever is lucky enough to see them (together or alone) just smile and say hi, and thank your lucky stars! No need to be a paparazzi and broadcast to the world! We need to protect our BinJin!
  7. Dear fellow shippers / shoppers, I am a new de-lurker. Not sure about all the rules but hope to share this old news from naver that someone tweeted https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/117/0000058075 Uri BinJin were already mentioned in the same news 14 years ago!! I enjoy how we are shipping fervently and praying desperately but i also hope we remind ourselves to ship sensibly and responsibly and not let BinJin feel more awkward and uncomfortable. I really love them very much and want them to be happy. I'm worried that all the over- analyzing of the intimate scenes and BTS might make them embarrassed - i know they are veterans and very professional but they are humans too.... Hope i don't offend anyone. I do enjoy all the discussions. But i feel sorry for our couple that everything they do is under such scrutiny. Love you all.
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