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  1. I have accidentally stumbled across this forum. I have read some of your comments and loving it. I decided to join in because I like HB & YJ as well. This is my very first time in this forum so forgive me if I make mistake. When I first saw HB&YJ’s photo during the Negotiation script reading. I said to my husband they looked lovely together. They smiled brightly just like a newlywed couple came back from honeymoon to greet their parents (she was in black T with hair tied at the back and he was in white shirt). http://blog.asianwiki.com/korean-movies/filming-for-movie-negotiation-begins . I silently shipped them since that day. However, they are free to make their own choices as long as they are happy. Poor guy has been criticized left right and centre about his past relationships. I can see very clearly the after-mass if he admits their relationship now (if it turns out to be trued). My husband is also shipping them hard as well after CLOY.
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