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  1. WOW! I come back to catch up on ELOD and it's 800 pages!!! I have been spreading the "poison" to my friends and now got a few friends hooked and we can discuss how sweet and awesome DJ is! I really hope Tencent releases the 60 episodes uncut version.
  2. I dont understand what the shippers are staying with the circled parts of the image. ???
  3. OMGGGGG!!! Now he definitely needs to reprise his role as LS in the new story of him and CY!
  4. Not sure if this was shared previously but I quite like this interview he did and how he talked about working with Reba. I like his very sweet smile when he spoke about what he remembered during the filming of ELOD
  5. Oh yes, this scene was hilarious! I love how DJ did the face palm! i love the scene when FJ found out about the handkerchief and her 9 tails appear. She was so cute there.
  6. I feel so lost these last few days....... I miss the show so much. I really hope they will do a ELOD season 2. I have no specific favourite scene as I love them all, except those of JH. I enjoy watching FJ and DJ in the mortal realm, in Fanyin valley and as themselves after coming out of the valley.
  7. No. Actually BGG didn't meet many of FJ's family. Only ZY and 4th uncle was there with LS, SM, CY and XY if i don't remember wrongly.
  8. Oh yes, I love the part he squeezes her face and asked her who is he to her. oh my heart!
  9. I finished watching it all and i LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Just a little disappointed there's wasn't any passionate kiss scenes between DH and FJ. But it's full of sweetness. Love the ending too. BGG is so cute! I will miss this so so much!
  10. Can't wait to watch this episode. This should be when they are back to Jiuchongtian and before the bingcang. I went back to re-read that chapter in the book. This and just before the wedding should be the sweetest time!
  11. Hi! I have been lurking and reading this thread for a while and love love love the story. From here, i found the link to read the book and the links to watch the advance episodes! So thankful for the sharing.