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  1. I am really enjoying this show. I love Li Yitong. The coupling works for me here, the chemistry better than GGS's Appledog and DT. I just wish the episodes come sooner. I am not a big fan of the styling for HSY here. He's way more cool in GGS.
  2. Thanks for sharing. Missing the couple so much..... trying to find a replacement for the void. What are you all watching now?
  3. I'm in withdrawal..... hahahah, watching as many interviews and rewatching some episodes. I started on Jiu Liu Overlord and honestly, it pales so much in comparison with LIS. I cannot feel the chemistry between Bailu and Lai Yi. I really enjoyed the latest interview between BL and LYX after the fan meet (I'm assuming it's after as they are in the same clothes). The way they compliment each other and are so comfortable being together.... awwwww....
  4. Totally looking forward to the finale! All the different ways YS tried to propose to JJ and failed. https://www.iq.com/play/gl64o3pb44 This couple just gave me diabetes. I really enjoyed the last two episodes (33 and 34). It really gives a very authentic yet lovely portrayal of their life together, including the quarrels.
  5. I am glad YS is there. Poor YS was feeling pain from seeing JJ work so hard. I am really glad they developed a bit more of the story for their couple relationship for these last 6 episodes.
  6. I keep going into iqiyi and weibo to see if there are any new clips or updates about LIS. I am so addicted to the show..... I hope Bailu's new show that is starting on Friday is good. so that I have something to watch when LIS ends.
  7. Yes there's preview on iqiyi epi 31 preview: https://www.iqiyi.com/v_9xq7137n44.html?vfrm=pcw_home&vfrmblk=B&vfrmrst=fcs_0_p13#curid=1091446906847400_5c649b8f2b535fd5c3969ab56678ac61 epi 32 preview: https://www.iqiyi.com/v_1v9kcwmi0f4.html?vfrm=pcw_home&vfrmblk=B&vfrmrst=fcs_0_p13#curid=6808482903396300_15e2d3ac1c6f6ad4af992012a4ca0476
  8. Oh no, the breakup is tonight. Looks like YS broke up with JJ. Preview from iqiyi. YS: i booked tonight's flight out of the country. Probably, probably will not be coming back. Let's just say our farewell here. JJ: Are you break.... breaking up with me? YS: If you want to think of it that way, it's ok. JJ: OK. Look at me in the eyes and say it again. YS, look at me! YS (looks at her in the eye): Is that enough? I am going to miss my flight. Why, still not giving up? Do you need a good bye kiss to remember our short and laughable love? Ok. YS leans in....
  9. Just got to know LYX as an actor in Love is Sweet. Wow, he's so good in the show. His chemistry with the lead actress Bailu is sizzling.
  10. Yes! Another preview! So YS convinced JJ's mum to let her stay in MH. And looks like he is investigating into C group, the company that bought over her father's noodle brand. https://www.iqiyi.com/v_1zmyqrf877s.html?vfrm=pcw_home&vfrmblk=O&vfrmrst=711219_home_dianshiju_float_pic_play2#curid=7226411310044900_14addebb954e856d94ae91d090609f9f
  11. So sweet! I hope they release a few more preview to tie us over until tomorrow's episodes! CAN'T WAIT!
  12. I kept wondering if it's LYX who was singing the OST in that episode. So swoon worthy!
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