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  1. I think as shoppers we tend to romanticize their relationship and think it’s as simple as having pink bubbles and lovey dovey feels all the time. But ALL relationships, even the healthiest ones, are not perfect and come with their own disagreements and problems. What’s important though, next to love and respect, is commitment. And I’m happy that it seems both HB and SYJ recognize that and are very committed to making this work. THATS true romance to me
  2. Congrats to HB on his big win! I’m happy for him - his acting doesn’t get recognized very often by the award giving bodies so any win, especially a Daesang, is well-deserved recognition. As for SYJ, honestly I don’t think she cares that she did not win the acting award here - she has SO many awards, what’s another one to her? I think she would choose what she got last night - getting thanked SO SWEETLY and so publicly by her significant other. That was a first for her (and that was also a first for him). I’m sure she was the proudest and happiest one of all for him. So at least APAN gave us t
  3. hi @bjlovebirds, formerly @lovebirds and @BinJin99 let’s be happy for SYJ that she has found a love that she is SO confident in that she would willingly share it with the world. I know that you enjoy thinking of SYJ as the perfect woman and that HB is lucky to be able to worship the ground that she walks on. But time for you to face the reality that SYJ is as equally enamored with him as he is with her. Her post doesn’t lie
  4. Going back to SYJ’s sweet IG message and her declaration “I’m thankful to have been able to meet a good person, and I’ll work hard to tend [the relationship] with care”... I love that THIS is the sentiment she wished to express. She could have said something along the lines of “I’ve met a good person and he makes me happy” and that would have been just fine. But instead she declared that she will work hard to take care of this relationship - which shows she has a very mature outlook on love and relationships. ALL relationships, even the happiest ones, require work. It takes work to comprom
  5. I had my doubts but I have never been happier to be so wrong!!!!!!!! so happy for us and SO HAPPY FOR THEM. Cannot believe this is really happening!!! NO MORE DENIALS, WE GOT CONFIRMATION https://www.koreaboo.com/news/crash-landing-stars-hyun-bin-son-ye-jin-confirm-dating/
  6. The problem with shipping an international couple is that so much is lost in rough Google translations. This Twitter account did a much better job of translating the esquire interview. If you click on the link you can see all of the translations and just to clear up any misconception about HB talking about God in this interview...he did not
  7. @QueenieBee @Onewaytrain completely agree with you guys Continuing to press this hand holding issue (which btw to me it is clear as night and day that they were NOT holding hands in this particular BTS) is failing to respect that K-ent culture is different from that of our own. Filipinos may love their “love teams” and so does Hollywood (where being part of a couple oftentimes generates more publicity in a field where ANY publicity is considered good publicity). But from what I’ve learned about K-ent, it is incredibly conservative - so much so that merely dating is considered a “s
  8. Just voted for our OTP on The Swoon IG. I don’t think there is a single one of us who did NOT swoon watching those videos (which btw are some of the best Binjin content we have IMO) so let’s show our support for Binjin and appreciation for The Swoon
  9. Song Yoonah talking about how the first time she invited SYJ over to her house and they talked endlessly. One thing about SYJ that I really like is that she is able to express herself very well. This is just one example but in the Swoon couch talk video, she answered all the questions very thoughtfully and elaborated in a way that shows she has excellent verbal communication skills
  10. Thank you! It doesn’t make sense to me that from that VERY LONG and star-studded list of the most deserving actors and actresses there will only be one winner (daesang). What kind of system is this..lol ETA: I looked the APAN awards 2018 on Wikipedia and it seems that list of 25 will ben broken into 5 categories of 5 nominees each: Top Excellence Actor in mini series, Top Excellence Actress in mini series, TEActor in serial drama, TEActress in series drama, and Daesang
  11. SO excited and so hopeful that this might finally be CLOY’s chance to shine. Apparently I still haven’t learned my lesson from the injustice that was Baeksang - but can you blame me considering what a well-written, well-directed, well-acted internationally acclaimed masterpiece that CLOY is? I find myself once again navigating the foreign waters of a foreign awards show. Could someone please explain to me how the grand prize work? I see there are already nominees for best actor and best actress (which do not include HB and SYJ). But they are both nominated for the Daesang. Is ther
  12. What an unexpected surprise! Binjin looks SO good and coordinated. Thank you Netflix for having given us the best Binjin content (Swoon videos) and now gifting us this little bonus
  13. Congrats to HB!! He looked so dapper and handsome. It’s nice to see him finally get the recognition he deserves. What a bonus this awards show was Like the well mannered guy he is, he was bowing to all his elders (including the lady who played his mom in Snow Queen). But peep at the end he even bowed to one of SYJ’s besties, Gong Hyo Jin
  14. Congrats to HB!! Finally he gets some recognition for spreading that Hallyu love. It’s too bad SYJ already won this award in 2018 - otherwise we could see them attending the same ceremony again but at least we will get HB in his dashing suit fit! It’s a live ceremony and apparently will be held in person
  15. @welh11 there’s no guarantee that it will pan out but she has technically committed to The Cross (set to begin filming April 2021)
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