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  1. Omg I agree with you @Elle R!!!!! I'm so sorry guys, so I watched it again and I think SYJ didn't even ask HB to take their photo. HB just knew that he will be the one to take it and while they were getting ready to pose that's when SYJ told the host “don’t you know if using his, my face will be smaller” AHHHHHHH MY BINJIN HEART 59:30 mark
  2. EXACTLY! And she could've just said something like when someone has longer arms, he/she should be the one to take the photo so your face looks smaller but noooooo she said that if HB takes it, her face will look smaller hehehehehhe Yesssssss and I hope so too!! Don't want to rush them or anything, I just want them to take their time together and enjoy each others company
  3. Finally semi delurking hahahaha, I’ve only been replying to some of you here but never actually made an entire post! Anywhooo I don’t really want to make this long ‘cause all shoppers already said what I wanted to say haha! I just wanted to post something that I noticed when I rewatched their kakao interview last night (I think this hasn’t been raised here yet, I’m not sure!!). But at the 59:35 mark when they were gonna take a selfie together, SYJ asked HB if he can be the one to take the photo, then SYJ turns to the host and tells her “don’t you know if using his, my face will be smaller” I kept to replaying that part just to be sure I heard the tone of her voice and that she was really talking to the host! And ahhhhhhhhh she really was speaking to the host!!!!! It’s like she’s saying (or it gives off that vibe) that they takes selfies a lot together and HB is the one who does it!!!!!!! WAH this may be delulu or what but I don’t care. I’ll believe the things I see and hear that’s coming directly from them hehehehehehe Okay that’s all I wanted to share! Back to lurking! Happy shopping, shoppers!
  4. Hi! This totally makes sense, it's highly possible they started when they reshot scenes. Would you also know when they did reshoots? Thank you!!
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