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  1. The difference between colleagues and cLosE fRieNd OMG, happy 400th pages
  2. Does anyone know what the north ahjummas saying in wrap up party? its seem like they teasing HB and YJ? OMG, this is too much for my delulu mind Covid19 spread in my country. Binjin forum really helped me get through quarantine. Take care of your health and hopefully everything will get better soon
  3. Based on her last post ig. plants, pots and aroma therapy candles. I mean, isn't that very synonymous with CLOY/Riri Couple? I'm sure YJ is ready with all opinions included from shipper. Happy to know she enjoy it, its seems like she give a secret code
  4. After knowing the kiss scene was shot in green screen (maybe the close up version?) I think everyone in this forum is amazing. We have sharp eyes, good perseption and the right instinct.
  5. I think he never looked at his partner like what he did to Ye Jin. (except his ex, but lets not talk about it) I believe in "eyes speak louder than action and word "
  6. Totally agree. They are class A actors with good reputation and achievements. I guess all people in industries have respect for them
  7. Pressure from the media is indeed scary. I don't want them to form relationships just because everyone wants to. Let them happy with their way
  8. this situation reminds me of SSc. I don't want to compare because clearly they are different. Of course it would be better for the media not to enlarge this rumor. I want them to enjoy the privacy of their lives
  9. i'm curious how Dispatch being so quiet about this rumour. Everybody going crazy, I mean bad news distrub their privacy and image. Sometimes this is too much. Btw, I'm new member. This thread it's so adorable. Nice to meet you all
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