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  1. 49 minutes ago, charray said:

    Our girl is eager to get married now? Love her cute interaction with Lee Min Jung. 

    Yes, she seems excited but too bad she stands too close with the bride. Hehe


    See these comments :lol::


    Cauliflower grains


    Oop, did you see that? What are you waiting for? Hurry up and marry your sister.



    Supermarket scandals have already happened. The girlfriends must have met the prospective brother-in-law, so she actively asked her to grab it.

    Early summer 0301


    She is going to grab it. But it ’s too close to the bride.2018new_kuxiao_org.png
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  2. One of the best MV that I've watched!

    I wish it is a little longer. Haist, my heart flutters

    I really hope and pray that they are destined for each other where everything before them was meant to happen. The choices and actions they're going to make are in there full control in response to what fate offers them. ..(please don't miss it Binjin)..so again let's wait and pray for them desperately. 


    Happy weekend fellow shoppers!Fighting.:heart:

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  3. 11 hours ago, Nath.SWN said:



    I'm trying hard see other dramas after CLOY (Something in the rain and Memories of Alhambra) but it's not the same thing :(


    I don't know if they are dating, but BinJin DON'T have the same chemistry with their other co-workers. :wub:

    Same here. I tried to watch SITR but skipped eps 1-15 hehehe .I cannot watched SYJ kissing some other guy :D <peace>

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