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  1. Something came to my mind...i'm sure there were a lot of moments at baeksang they captured from hyunbin in all different circumstances but how come they exactly use the one he is looking at YJ? I think they read about how some of us hungry shippers weren't pleased with limited candies at baeksang and they are revealing the real ones! With all the "coincidences" around the timing of releasing their CFs and making films i think the whole media already knows about them and they are just waiting to hear it from binjin! Like us!
  2. I don't know why all the binjin news exactly comes out when i'm going to work or deciding to work on my thesis! Goodbye concentration! About the new candy we got...it's clear as day! HB's stare is everything! I like his whole gesture when he lookes at YJ and gets near her , he is at his most attractive state when he is in love. Since late 2018 his full attention is given to her and we don't need any more evidence! it makes me think "i want a man like him in my life!"
  3. I wouldn't be surprised if it turns out HB said to her " ok you can wear that dress and be stunning all night but don't ever dare to leave my side!"
  4. I just woke up and then this new video crash landed on me! it was more successful than my morning coffee at waking me up! Now i don't know how i'll be able to focus at work knowing there might be more videos Actually i like the way Yejin casually talks to him and he turns his head to look at her face. You know, this glimse of their conversation seems so natural and unforceful like it's a routine of their day...HB being himself, a listener for YJ!
  5. I don't know why i think this particular sentence is meant to be directed at binjin shippers! He simply means he knows about everything fans have given "them" attention for! And that surely includes binjin related subjects! And also when in the award i said HB again was staring at YJ while she was speaking i meant this picture below! He was staring (for i don't know how long) and when camera captured him he already had started to look away.
  6. OMG while yejin was speaking hyunbin (being himself!) was again staring at her for a long moment! Only if we had fancam!
  7. I'm sure HB will find a way he seemed so serious on the red carpet! There is no rule for this furious guy even if it's social distancing
  8. Just imagine how they look beside each other with these amazing outfits! They are like king and queen!
  9. with all the work through the day i couldn't check social media and when i got the chance i opened instagram and the first thing i saw was this post: So i didn't have any clue about what hyunbin had said in the interview and the first thing that came to my mind after seeing all these mentions of YJ in his interview and that really sweet and shy smile on his face i thought he has confirmed their relationship! My heart was beating like crazy while searching for the full interview! So yeah...just know fellow shoppers...we will need so much relaxive supplements when the
  10. Hyunbin saying "this is my type" in this CF reminds me of a certain repetitive dialogue in a certain drama
  11. Worldwide couple Hyunbin and Yejin have seen many countries together! I wonder which couple had so much mutual memories together like our binjin couple has.
  12. Real life responsibilities got me for a few days and OMG what am i seeing here?! I think Dispatch was definitely indicating dating or marriage news! "The ending is all happy ending" wasn't in sync with the subject discussed in the article so why they should include this line?! And i think mentioning their properties together in one article was like "so people as you can see they are an expensive pairing and imagine what happens if they link their sense of investing" So I have a feeling like we will hear good news very soon, this ship is not sailing smoothly anymore! It's sailing
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