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  1. I have Korean colleagues at work and they are shocked to see how our Latino colleagues give each other “besos/kisses” or even side hugs at work when they greet each other. They said in South Korea it’s very unthinkable and you don’t usually have any physical contact with your colleagues even if it’s just putting your arm around the other’s shoulder. So seeing them in their BTS with all the skinship especially the one with the green screen and the friendly hug during the wrap up party really tells you something. Any South Koreans here that can clarify this?
  2. https://www.instagram.com/p/BoJtW9ODJlq/?igshid=bf906ahn1lh8 This is his original post in his Instagram during negotiation era and he answered one of the comments saying he does not really know the real score between the two of them. Relax, guys. Honestly, I don’t believe their agencies’ denial. How much more someone who also posted in his Instagram a video during the wrap up party and he’s one of the audience outside taking videos of the actors coming (not invited inside the party I guess). I’m just gonna believe what goes out of HB and SYJ. When the right time comes...
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