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  1. YeJin: You were holding my hand under the table?! HB: I wasn't! YeJin: That's what people are saying. HB: Here - look at this article.... YeJin: Thank goodness for your "Manner Hands"! **Both goes back to blissfully and privately being in love. ** ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I want them together, not their reputation as professionals being impacted. This will only add unnecessary stress to the couple. If they can wait patiently and pray to be together in CLOY, then I can definitely wait patiently and pray for when they have their twins. No announcement needed because I believe!
  2. I am really confused regarding the negative posts TBH. No one should feel attacked or ganged up on when trying to post their opinion but ask yourself this - why are you in a forum dedicated to shipping a couple if you do not ship them? I am not saying you aren't entitled to your opinions, just that they are wasted in this forum and they only serve to bring others down. If your opinion is not on the same wavelength as the forum you are entering, look for another forum to vent your frustrations and/or negativity. I specifically searched for a forum that shared my recent obsession with these two actors. Long time K-drama watcher, first time shipper. I wanted to be transported to a place where I can dream and pray for a fairy-tail ending for the two main leads after watching such a connection in CLOY. Yes, they are actors but more than that, they have created something that made me believe in real chemistry and love. I want to see them together in RL. Will this make a big difference in my "reality" life? No. Does it make me happy seeing two people fall in love like this? YESSS! That is the reason why I want to read about all the reasons they are/should be together - NOT why they are not. Know your audience! Do I want to be smacked with negativity and denials to make me drown? Heck no. If I wanted that, I would search for that and find plenty elsewhere. I am here to escape all of that and just live vicariously through two people I feel are destined for each other. Let's set sail to this ship!
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