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  1. There is Unity in Diversity. We may be differ in Point Of View but BinJin Love Unites us. We label our selves shippers/shoppers/comrades. We are BinJin's ally not BinJin's enemy. What we do is support theme make theme look cool, great , awesome ,wonderful etc.(you know what i mean) , so that others will also see the reason why we love theme and why we ship theme in firts place. We are not here to harm our beloved BinJin. Even though our imagination/delulu thougths run wild, we still and should promote and present theme in best way we can. But if some of us caught in side track ,lets keep an open mind & be a bit forgiving. Together lets have faith to our Motto : In Grocery we Trust Together lets set our eyes on our Goal : BinJin Happy ever after. Timing is everything. Some K-couples are loved & some were hated bec. of some circumstances they are into. The situation of our BinJin Love rigth now is a bit off. They are a under the weather now a days. So lets just sit back,re watch, re read thread , & ship w/ fun & caution. Me in Delulu mode: Just imagine WHEN BINJIN WEDDING DAY COMES (yes WHEN not IF).We are all invited to witness it.wahhhhhh(surely gonna break my piggy bank into pieces just to attend that freaking wedding of the century). We will for sure cry a river for that joyful feeling we have.Imagine that comrades when our ship reach its distenation.whoooo Im being emotional thinking those moments. Hayyyy Let's keep shopping, Amazing fun loving shoppers.
  2. we could build a detective agency out of this. Our skills is being hone by all the digging were doin.
  3. i really dont mind at all being wrong for saying their first kiss was in swetzirland.... I'm so happily being wrong.
  4. ohhhh yeah rigth ^^ french kiss is the theme of the scene, surely deep kisses is here,there & everywhere.
  5. @jinjin i think that deep kiss in swetzirland is their first kiss, it was shoot around august/september. Their v.day kiss maybe somewhere else, somewhere private.
  6. yey!!!CLOY fever has never stop spreading. welcome to the club husband of comrade @Moonstarmagick
  7. I was back reading the threads,I'm a bit newbe in here. As I read more & more in the thread I just realize something. (ting! bulb lights over my head) Agencies denies thier artist relationships, (EVEN IF THE RELATIONSHIPS ARE TRUE)because it is whats on TREND in K-industry. Chances are the more the denial the more (chances of winning) the relationship could be real. By that VAST & MSTeam, in behalf of the shoppers, I forgive you for your heart breaking denials to BinJin love. We now understand that you just don't want to be left out behind with the K-industry Trend. So from now on deny all you want!!! We promise we will not get hurt, we now understand the reason behind your actions. Its ok Vast. Its ok Ms team. Its ok. In the end BinJin Love Wins.
  8. I like that theme too. On the other hand; SYJ while receiving her best actress awards for SITR, was asked what another role she wants to portray.She said she want something Physical, ahemmm like dancing. Just imagine SYJ & HB being Physical I mean dancing.!!!! Oh lala So theme migth be like the movie STEP UP. hmmmmmmm
  9. Sorry this is not BinJin Love related,but the urge for me to reach out to VAST is killing me. VAST spy this is for you!!! Hi VAST, just want to put some feed back. Kindly put English Subtitles /translation in your Social Media accounts. Your artist is not just for K-nets but has international audiance as will. This will be the best for your company,your artist and for us fans as will. Give us that chance to love the artist you have by being able to connect to theme through common language. Wishing all the best for every one.
  10. So proud for CLOY achivements, My take away or the 2 lessons I learned out of this drama is that there are only 2 things that matters most to the person who loves you 1.if your ok & 2.if your happy A classic true & selfless love indeed portrayed immaculatly in CLOY. I'm not just talking about the romance between the leads.This love is also seen how the comrades,the family , the mothers in the village,the company employees worries and care for one another. It's really heartwarming.
  11. 1.They are real and the company wanted to keep their privacy as much as possible. 2.And the company wanted to stop spreading that picture because it would let the dating rumor go further.(refers to privacy thing in no. 1) When in doubt,plz. remember our motto: IN GROCERY WE TRUST.
  12. There is such thing as "occupational hazard" - a risk accepted as a consequence of particular occupation. Your rigth marriage is not an easy thing.In my opinion, I don't think they will make hasty decision out of whats happening rigth now. They are matured individual whove been through life experiences that made theme to be able to stand their grounds. But also they are in their prime age for settling down, like a fruite ripe enough to be harvested. That's why when they make wedding announcement it will be surely magical . Me, wahhhhhhhhh ,I don't know how to react when that BinJin wedding announcement comes,I even felt so emotional just thinking theme getting married. Even my heart flutters just typing this delulu thougths of mine.
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