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  1. I've been meaning to investigate this mortal realm by reading the TMOPB novel but an incomplete translation won't do I might just buy it if it will still bother me @HollyC As advised, separate TMOPB DHxFJ from ELOD, or you'll get confused. ELOD drama and the novel have deviations too, you should just know what are these and you wont be lost. There is a Pillow Book 1 and Pillow Book 2 english translated in Wattpad if you would like to check.
  2. With regards to mortal realm, I would like to put it differently Physically, DH was never there, but there must be a part of him,(I believe) part of his spirit that lodge itself in SXR person to cultivate through SXR experiences in life. This is specially depicted in the ELOD. In the book To the Sky Kingdom translation that was shared to me, its the event BQ former servant ask her to safeguard her son in mortal realm, YH indicated that her and YH 2nd uncle's son turned out to be 'DH' son in the mortal realm and they must not interfere in Dijun's cultivation (like how they depicted in TMOPB). Initially I though this TTSK was a script for TMOPB but there were different events written in this translation. (I stopped reading this because this is not a complete translation, they only picked up BQ and YH events and noted what they didn't translate.)
  3. His favorite must be the Paired Spiritual Study Even YH who is an ardent student is not as naughty as him I found a problem acquiring the Vengo love bug. Before reading romance novel just felt warm and fuzzy, but I discovered reading those 'sweet parts' now just brings me 'headaches' V keeps popping on my mind I believe he's a natural, developed more by being with MY and SW.... and as said the learnings in the school
  4. I want to get back at something... If Liu Yuxin, made the deal with Croton(?), will they still do it with Jaywalk?
  5. You must be referring to Candle in the Tomb: Wrath of Time. I believe The Lost Tomb is a different movie? I love it. Though I started with the episode where Vengo first showed (ep 3 I think) Its not a pretty pretty production and not really a romance genre. Its an adventure, suspense and family focused drama. If you like this genre or want to see (and analyze) Vengo's work, I recommend that you see it. Now with Vengo screen time apparently smaller in the new installment, if I dont see him in first 5 episode Im just gonna fast forward till I see him
  6. @Applemintz Disney might have been testing Jaywalk for possible 'Marvel Universe' collab, hence their project deal was live action. But fantasy live action is expensive, with Jaywalk worth I dont think they would dare co-produce it. I wonder if they tried negotiating with a non-fantasy live action? Maybe it didn't worked too and just let the deal expire. -sama from Korean fans? Now I dont know what this mean
  7. OMG if Japanese fans linked -sama to Vengo's name, they really do love and respect him. He gained more international fans Maybe some were already calling him Guang-kamisama or Donghua-tennokamisama / or for Fengjui-kitsunemegumihimesama (too many titles I dont know if I got it right )
  8. @Applemintz Nice read. I find it charitable in YM's part to carry and introduce new talents in her drama. She's already an established actress herself but I hope she could also pursue proj. she finds interesting to play for herself no matter the billing. There is still time for Dilraba to break free from pressure to play lead. She could have added more to her portfolio with quality roles found in support roles. Its nice to know Vengo's mentor looks out for him. Exposure to the best will bring out the best in him too. If freaking Disney already reach out to them, there is a bigger chance now to see them in international standard film (It doesnt really needed to be Hollywood per se). I don't understand how agency/studio works, but for Vengo's case, if he still could reach roles he likes without Jaywalk limiting him, I see him staying. But if more elaborate roles would require him to be affiliated with other studio, that might be a good reason to leave
  9. Vengo's age and his maturity suited the role, perfect timing, fated to be his. The male lead in love and destiny gives off 'father's vibe' for me, with grown up children Mark Chao's MY didn't have this vibe even with beard and mustache
  10. I love that Candle in the Tomb bts, the lady cant stop laughing, they have a handful of cuts, even when they gave her time to laugh she still can't get hold of herself. And yes, Vengo's 'slap' seems heavy but lady doesn't seem bothered. Just finished its Wrath of Time, I was happy about his character and the girl... Then the epilogue came Vengo has nice hand to hand combat there. If they dont kill off his character in the new installment I hope they give him his own CITT. He did great, his story and portrayal as sect leader is just as compelling as the main. If his slated dramas did well (hopefully very well), they might just give him
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