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  1. I keep repeting those vid.. i thought that its just fan made.. but when I see the whole video.. im just screaming in awe to see them.. they too lovely to handle.. i hope their relationship is longlasting..
  2. I did eonnie.. its so surprising and the child is also great in acting... He is so damn cute!! I just wanna take him home for me.. So sorry that i couldn't join you yet in hibye, mama thread since am online with my phone and its so damn annoying.. and also looks like the thread is so quiet.. no one is recaping like the old day.. or translate it for bts and etc.. What makes me disappointed it that i couldn't watch streaming on netflix since my phone and country is out of coverage.. I have to be patient to watch it.. it takes a day in one of the website that i used it once to watch kdrama..
  3. The kids is too adorable i couldnt help.. The producer has a point looking for a child that could fit as a kth daughter in this drama.. feels like the child is her real daughter.... Too cute......
  4. Thanks unnie we knew hows her life as a mother for a lit..
  5. Hhhhhhhmmmm thats just impossible, right.. !!! They r just low key couple.. but actually i just wanna hear the news bout it eventhough we can't see a glimpse of their pic together... We r so happy when the news bout rain comment on her manager or bodyguards is everywhere... we r hunger bout their news right.. LOL
  6. Yepp.. i couldnt agree more that kth dress it well.. even after went wif 2 kids.. envy..... !! Please never let go of my hand unnie.. Hope her husband visit her on set wif their daughter.. LOL My delulu mind is start to going wild... omo.. omo..
  7. 5 years!! Thats hillarious.. LOL i'll try to drop by then.. Am mature now.. i dont think i can rant just like the old days.. Hahaaaahaa Yepp.. Unni can check it on comment section below..
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