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  1. To Believe or Not If denials by the Agencies or Actors themselves, here and there, left and right, up and down, around and around, whether irresolute or firm are the “yardsticks” for reality then all the denials that have occurred over the years by different celebrities and their respective agencies were in fact absolutely true. In Korean Culture, in terms of what they deemed as scandals, the tendency seems to deny, deny and deny some more. If this has become their custom in dealing with these “so called scandals” then why put so much “credence” on it? What is the value or worth of their words? How much weight does one need to put on it? In my opinion, not much, if none at all, especially in the case of Hyun Bin and Ye Jin! How much proof does one need to see what is already in front of you to not discredit what they themselves have shown to the public? Please continue the fun! There are a lot more members now since I last logged in. It’s nice to see this forum being active. There’s nothing wrong with healthy discussions as long as each one is respectful of each other. On a different note, please be safe where ever you are! In the crisis that we’re in, this place is much needed haven to unwind and even if it’s just for a moment remove our minds from what’s going on in the world.
  2. Hello again! I’m delurking so I can properly give my gratitude. Thank you so much for giving my previous post much and to everyone who expressed their appreciations, agreements, and have received some form of encouragements through it. I’m happy to see that the threads are moving nicely but it’s making me dizzy like watching someone on a Seesaw – up and down…up and down…up and down. One moment you’re on high then a moment later you’re on low, and then it starts all over again and again and again. Please for the sake of everyone’s sanity, make up your mind and stay there? Kidding aside, due to a few downers, doubters and perhaps some trollers, this place has been turned upside down and unfortunately made others leave. I’m hoping just temporarily and against their will. May I request for those who did to please comeback? Your positive input will help enliven this forum again. Don’t abandon the ship just because of the few but be here for the rest who are fighting to stay positive and afloat regardless of any bad or heart breaking news circulating out there. Let this place be a HAVEN for all who believe in this couple. Life is too short…please be happy! Although I can understand different emotions can emit due to being deeply and emotionally invested in this couple, like what others have said, shipping is not for the faint of heart, but there are some, unfortunately, who are innately pessimists - the glass is half-empty, and storm clouds loom overhead, never with a silver lining. This type of attitude will only bring everyone else down in some form or another. If you find yourself no longer believing in this relationship, staying in this forum will only make you more miserable. I hope you’ll find a way to resolve your feelings or doubts and if you are able to do so then please come back and please be considerate of others and refrain from posting negatively. My dear @AnnieCheesecake, although you have declared yourself “the most pessimistic person ever”, I don’t see it that way. I see a person who is probably so invested/so in love with this couple that anything deemed bad or negative effects or hurts her. I see a person who craves for optimism and although who gets hurt when something unpleasant has occurred, appreciates the positive and hope that others have shared or given. Am I wrong? Please be comfortable and ward off any negative vibes. Don’t put yourself down, enjoy the ride! Also, for those who are blaming Hyun Bin for the actions of His agency, please let us not do that. It’s not nice and it’s not fair to him. We don’t know if he has anything to do with it. Even if he’s a Co-owner, he could be a silent one and leave the decisions to the Executives. Even if he has ordered them to do so, there’s no way for us to know his intent or motivation. Please let us refrain from blaming. Please let us focus on what we have seen and heard from the mouth of our couple themselves (there’s no denial coming from either one), everything else is hearsay! Bye again! I’m going back to lurking. I haven’t read everything from where I left off. It’s not easy to back read, so many pages. I’m also re watching the finale. I’ll probably go back to re watch from the start. Have fun everyone! Please lift everyone up! Peace and be happy!!!
  3. I echo @bpwinces! sentiments. Hello everyone! Let me lend my perspectives which are coming from a neutral place. Please bear with me for I am new to this. I have been enjoying reading all your posts as well as CLOY’s forum. Please continue on and don’t get discouraged. Don’t get swayed to what is being put out there and therefore remove the fun you are all are having. I hate to see all the negativeness that have come because of the Articles that have not been verified not confirmed as true. What the Medias and VAST have done, were for you to “NOT TRUST OR BELIEVE perhaps according to them your LYING EYES!” Please don’t fall for that. You have a LOT to go on. In fact there are more than enough. I am not even a shipper but believe that there is something going on between them. Please use your gut instinct and your eyes which can’t lie. I am very meticulous and very observant. It’s my nature and I guess being an Artist also helps. Artists have to observe every little detail to bring things to life in their canvas. These cannot be denied: 1.) The pictures taken in LA. This alone is big red flag. No matter how one wants to spin it, one cannot deny the truth behind it. You have already exhausted this in your discussions. How about the other sightings that unfortunately have not produced any pictures? It doesn’t mean it did not happen. 2.) Rubbing of other people’s hands, fingers, arms or any part of the body. This is a very intimate act only a couple should do. Imagine your friend or let alone a co-worker do this to you. You would probably slap that person. It’s an invasion of one’s personal space if not permitted. It goes beyond touching. It’s a very sensual act. Hyun Bin has done it to Ye Jin numerous times in and out of the scenes. 3.) Hyun Bin’s intense stares or longing eyes directed at Ye Jin at numerous occasions. There were too many to count. Does this seem normal to you? Is it an act of someone uninterested or just being friendly? I’m sure your gut instinct says otherwise. 4.) Uncharacteristic gestures of both. Hyun Bin all of a sudden being playful and having guts to act silly and Ye Jin being shy and girly, when did these all began? Does it happen when they are with other people? Again, you have all discussed these. 5.) Unnecessary skinship. One tends to gravitate to someone you are attracted to or have feelings for. It’s natural to want to get close to that person. Your body looks for it. It has been shown in this forum comparison in their interactions with other co-star. It’s more apparent with Hyun Bin but nevertheless not unnoticed with subtle act of Ye Jin. Who would grab the head of a co-worker just to sniff it? Don’t tell me she didn’t smell his hair? To grab his hair and put it close to her nose is not looking for a scar...it will not be visible to the eyes. You have to part the hair to see it. So what’s the purpose of that act? And in Hyun Bin’s case, I feel bad for the Ji Hye who wanted to shake his hand and only got a high five and a look away after. How about all the BTS skinships coming from both? I don’t need to name them for all of you again have exhausted them in your discussions, videos, gif, etc. Also, the wrap-up party hug, which by the way initiated by someone who is supposedly shy and introverted, whether awkward or not, how many actors have done that? The above are just to name a few. I don’t have to list all of them because I’m sure deep down this list is already embedded in your minds and hearts. So again please don’t get discouraged. Trust your eyes and your guts! It gets clouded by so many different opinions, news articles, negativity, assumptions, judgement, biases, etc. Put all these aside and look at it as a grain of salt. Base your judgments on what you yourself have seen and observed not with what other people say or have said or written. Actions are better than words. People lie all the time. Ye Jin and Hyun Bin have gifted all of you with many sweet and heart fluttering gestures and acts. So, why doubt? Just my two cents. Peace and be happy. Enjoy your delulu and continue the fun. I’ll go back to lurking and enjoy reading your posts. Please don’t let this forum die down. It gives happiness to those who read.
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