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  1. As anyone thought about how funny it is that when people asked Hyunbin why he wanted to do CLOY as a new project he said “I haven’t done a romantic comedy/ melo in a long time so That’s why I wanted to work on one “ but he just finished working on MOTA which was a romance
  2. Exactly what I was thinking as well! It’s definitely got to be the infinite challenge. I’ve never heard news about SYJ being upset on set
  3. Agree with what both of you guys are saying ! I also think it’s so strange that their agencies said that they were grocery shopping with other people . Like you are telling me that HB and SYJ who only met each other in late 2017 have mutual friends in LA ?! And that the first thing you would do in LA when meeting with other friends is going grocery shopping? Just doesn’t make sense , they ain’t fooling anyone with that
  4. Agreed !! “Spontaneous” and “acquaintance” just sound so off for the situation their in lool , why would anyone “spontaneously “go grocery shopping together across the world . And I definitely agree it’s not their first time, that Channel A video talked about how they weren’t wearing masks or anything probably bcuz they’ve been out together so many times and never got caught. They also didn’t think they would get caught in LA but they did
  5. Ooh that’s a good thought, that her parents went back to korea after celebrating her bday. I seen a couple post saying that HB left MOTA dinner early but I’ve seen a quite a bit of post of him drinking at their wrap up party, can anyone clarify this part ? I just want to add to this to that before the grocery pics came out the original eyewitness that saw them had a very detailed description . That he saw them in LA, play golf and have Samgyetang (korean chicken stew ) with SJY’s mom. Later when the agencies denied the rumour the original eyewitness deleted that post and his account , seems suspicious. Wonder if the agencies told him to take it down . A week after the eye witness’s post , the grocery pictures emerged proving that eye witness to be right that their travelling together. I trust eyewitnesses now, why would they make such a detailed story. Also an example of an accurate eye witness is when Eric of Shinhwa and his wife were just dating an eyewitness saw them but there weren’t any pics . Later they announced their getting married
  6. That article is just nonsense , it’s HyunBin and Son Ye-Jin we’re talking about . They got 20 years of acting under their belt and are HIGHLY acclaimed actor and actress. They don’t need to resort to have to do media play to this kind of extreme. These A lister’s don’t even go on reality /variety shows to promote their movies/dramas. I find that ppl who are so in denial about them being together or seem to think it’s not even possible don’t gather and look at evidence as much as we do lol . These ppl just see from the surface so don’t follow those sites and only follow BinJin supporting places
  7. I’ve never related to Tao so much in my life lool , what to do when Literally the whole world is wanting HB and SYJ to be together
  8. Part 2!! hope ppl can be more understanding and patient towards them. If we really love them let’s give them respect
  9. Interviewers and reporters talking about binjin’s dating rumours I believe this was pre cloy ? If someone knows the timeline let me know pls. I know this particular interview came out a lot in the early days of the thread but this is for the new ppl here. Thank you to the fan who subbed. And @Elle R yes this is an accurate translation , note that the korean words “ 사귄다고” that shows up on the screen at the last part where the male mc is talking does translate to mean dating. I believe person who translated this video is correct
  10. so funny how Gong Hyo Jin says that Ye-Jin is old fashioned like an ahjumma but Ye-Jin says the same about HyunBin trying to act all young but he’s an ahjusshihe can be the ahjusshi to her ahjumma
  11. No matter how many ppl talk about how he’s a hot masculine man, He’s a cutie pie in Ye-Jin’s eyes
  12. I believe it’s an interview Hyunbin did with Esquire magazine ! Someone has defs uploaded it on this thread, if you can’t find it here ( I know it’s a long thread) maybe try finding it on google ?
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