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  1. Is there any particular word for adult sleepovers *cough* ??? LMAO xD (No kids here right?)
  2. Okay let me share my input into this and I'm sorry for bursting any bubble: 1. She DID look at him as she's sitting BEHIND him (you can see from the pictures or the front cam) his face would be in her periphery vision. But due to the angles from the behind cam it looks as though they're very close, but I don't think it was...it's just the angles playing our eyes. 2. He DID look at his side but as she's sitting behind him, I don't think he intended to look AT her but just more like a glance at the people sitting in his side (which does include SYJ its just that she won't be in his periphery vision) 3. Then SYJ does really lean to her side and honestly it's dark I can't tell whether she leans to his shoulder or not but she leans, end of story XD All in all that whole moment looked cute so its in the fmv nonetheless oh what they were actually doing :3 Just my thoughts, as I was editing the clips frame by frame xD But I'm loving all the various thoughts though...who knows maybe there are a LOT more hidden gems we or I haven't noticed yet
  3. The video above had to stop WHEN THEY WERE ABOUT TO HUG DAMMIT That angle was amazing coz you can HB's face and his beautiful smileeeeee :'3
  4. Oh my goodness THIS HAS TO COME TRUEEEEEE Would be the BEST thing EVERRRR. I would completely pass out though xD But just to see them actually acknowledge the fans who'd been loving them as a couple since day 1 would be such a BEAUTIFUL moment for us...can't even imagine it T_T Every comments are beautiful, thank you esp @Moonstarmagick you're comment made me SMILE so high! <3
  5. Hey everyone! Thank YOU ALL sooooooo MUCH for your sweet SWEET comments and words for my 101 reasons fmv. I had been working on it for a while now, feeling SUPER relieved that its being loved...there's always a pressure to perform well #VidderProbs. Nonetheless, I wish I could physically hug and say thank you to all of you for the love and happiness I felt when I was reading all my mentions here. Anyone who appreciated the video, I love you and owe you a cookie...just remember that xD As for a quick important message on behalf of hardworking editors/vidders, I'd really appreciate if you guys can alert me either here (or YouTube or Insta or wherever) if you see anyone upload the FULL version of my fmvs in their account. I'm especially not okay with the 101 Reasons coz it was 100x times harder to edit. I/we need to let the uploaders know that uploading the full video with credit is not okay as that is same thing as stealing in a politer way. I already spoke with the acc shared in this quote- she and others were very kind to cooperate which makes me have faith in this world. The same way I'd appreciate if @GroceryShipper could remove the video shared from insta that no-longer exists on her actual page. In YouTube I have more control on copyrights claim but in insta or elsewhere, I'm helpless. So I need the help if you come across my work on your feed as It does hurt to see my creation being supported in a place elsewhere but not where it is originally posted. So I just wanted to make aware of this and I'm sorry if it wasn't completely binjin related, but hope y'all will understand. THANK YOU ALL ONCE AGAIN and may we keep trusting in destiny and serendipity. Also everyone, PLEASE take care, drink water, wash hands, maintain social distancing and Keep Calm and Carry On Shipping Binjin #InGroceriesWeTrust!
  6. He's said the same thing in Negotiation press tour too, I believe in the SBS released interview. Our man is consistent hmmm wink* wink* Sorry correction: I just realised there he said why he chose to do the project, I thought the same question was asked this time too LMAO xD Btw does anyone have the full version of that interview in eng subs? The subs are in Vietnamese I think so I cannot understand the ones I find in YT :/
  7. I fixed it, I'm so sorry. I should have educated myself better before posting. Lesson learned. I hope its fine now? Apology for the unintended trouble x and @emint2020 I'm a girl/woman not a 'Guy!' thanks
  8. Hello, pls do remove the photo from your qouted reply. We have been warned already about the reqouting of pictures. :sweatingbullets:


    Just click on the edit button, highlight the photo, then delete. Thank you.:)

    1. bpwinces!


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      Sorry for the trouble, won't happen again x

  9. LOL they are trying soooo hard at calming everyone down and making us believe that it was all just professionalism??? I'm just here laughing it off like wow xDDD I think bts/interviews showed enough on how they were like when cameras weren't rolling for them to act as RiRi couple. But I appreciate the compliments, our babies deserve nothing more but praises :') and later wedding gifts LMAO #sorrynotsorry I wonder who's gonna speak next in favour of their 'acting'
  10. Great Job! Although it doesn't have the hug but it does have a good angle that shows HB watching the screen so intently. SYK too since there was hardly any movement :3 so thank you x
  11. Hi, I was wondering if you or anyone in this kind group can help me find out whether they released it in just DVD format. Its around $100 then it could have been plausible for me to buy. The Blu-Ray is too expensive for me :/ Anyone have any idea about this and share your thought, I'll be extremely grateful. I hope someone will be active and let me know, Thanks! x
  12. Exactly, someone commented that he was making Captain Ri's face or something but his CLOY character ain't that gloomy. He clearly was struggling to smile too. Knowing that this will be the last day (for now) to be with SYJ in peace.
  13. Thank you to all of you for appreciating what I wrote...I am terrible at expressing in words ergo my edits xD Yes I remember you @AnnieCheesecake thank you for your kind words there and here. Ofc I shall continue no matter what though I'm pretty sure I'll be editing their wedding one day HAHAHA xD #SorryNotSorry Thank you @TotoroSY for giving the trophy :3 I'm glad my thoughts were of some help. And I equally agree with everything you said as well, beautifully written. Also thank you @phoenixember for your compliments! Truth be told I also go back to it in times of need haha XD I wish I could have made it bigger. There was alot during Negotiation press tour. OMGGG @sooji28 Unnniieeeee!!! *huggs* I could tell you the same thing haha xD But daaamn talking to you here is now giving me a lot of ChaeYoo related nostalgia :') Actually do you remember it was during then when their US pics got released and I was so excited about in the chat?? xD ***DESTINY*** I am so happy to see that you are supporting our beautiful couple too! At that time I felt alone AF to be the only one excited about that news xD But exactly your words are the logic we all need to remember. There is no denying to the meaning of HB's long travel to US. I actually remember that right after MoA wrap-up party he flew to the US. Shin Hye fans shipped him hard with her so I remember reading comments somewhere, (maybe in my videos can't remember) where they were a bit sad that he left early and that their couple would be apart and all. Then poor thing they find out he was with SYJ...I was happy and shocked ofc xD but felt bad for them, point being that the trip was mentioned as something as "professional' yet there he was GROCERY shopping with SYJ during her bday lmaooo xD #InGroceryWeTrust @g b thanks! I have thought about that a lot too. In fact HB played an anti-hero in that movie, most of the film they're swearing at each other. It's a heavy film not a light romcom right? On top of that they're style of filming denied them having ANY skinship, kisses or PHYSICAL PRESENCE! so how on earth did you get so close??? Now ofc if both of them were attracted to each other's hotness (which is pretty much the only explanation let's be real now) then that makes sense otherwise- it DOES NOT @avocado yum Hi, please don't be too disheartened. Your post kinda broke my heart and I felt like giving you a hug. Life is a giant learning experience. Because this is your first life (no pun intended there again haha xD but watch that kdrama to have the biggest personal growth if you haven't already) you'll be experiencing things the first time and that is what had happened with you. And that's natural. It's okay to learn from it and pick yourself up. Being fangirl is a passion and passions don't die. They only simmer down or stay locked away for a while. One can never truly hide from their passion. So you'll do or feel the same way about BinJin no matter what happens xD My first ship was like yours, too heavily invested and too much in love. But both of them are married now with different partners and one has 3 beautiful children with his partner. But I survived. I learnt a lot from them despite the results. I guess that is why now I can handle everything since I managed to handle that xD And if I can do it so can you, so can anyone. God forbid that happening to our couple but you can't deny the endless possibilities. Shipping is FUUUUN while it lasts, so- just enjoy the ride. Nothing has happened yet to stop this ship and hopefully nothing will. I am 99.99% sure *Hugs* I am usually not that active in any SNS except YouTube for obvious reasons. SO I'm sorry in advance in case I take too long to reply back or be back here again to share a statement. Currently I am busy applying for my LLM abroad (UGGHHH TAKES FOREVER AND SO BLOODY STRESSFUL) I have 3 or 4 application left to do, and once I'm done I will be back with more binjin goodies for ya'll I promise x Take care and stay positive till then. Much love to all Again if you read all that, this time you deserve a delicious chocolate CAKE!
  14. Hi everyone, I'm Mazzy (though that's a stage name) lol but I am glad to be writing here to you all Some of you may know me from YouTube, I love editing videos and especially about such couples that inspire my shipping core brain to express...what I feel (if that made sense.) So out of all the BinJin related edits I've done so far, I just wanted to say that I am extremely proud of this ship and them. They are sticking to their decisions xD After reading the last few posts, I had to force myself to make another account and comment (I forgot my previous acc email dammit) but yh I don't come here often, but I did sometimes and now reading how this lovely enthusiastic group is struggling a little, I thought I'll share my thoughts in case it helps ^^ My thoughts are that these two are certainly "more than friends" haha no pun intended xD But seriously, I picked that song for a reason. The title was perfect to describe them at that time and I still believe it is now. I watched MoA (HB's last project) and I did not make any bts edit with that couple simply because they never forced me to. He was not the same with Park Shin Hye AT ALL as he is with SYJ in CLOY bts. Similarly, I watched Pretty Noona too and it is one of my most fav kdrama. But have I made with BTS video with that couple either? Exactly. And this was before I watched Negotiation. So I never had an inherent bias-ness towards BinJin. It's just what it is. So when I finally watched Negotiation BOOM- I had to edit what I was seeing. Esp the pics in US and the slip up from the director where he says 'I think HB likes her MORE' was a giveaway for me easily. There was a lot of content I couldn't fit in the "More Than Friends" video, that's HOW MUCH these two have 'grown close' in a filming to which THEY ADMITTED that they didn't get to work closely "due to the filming style of the movie" then my question is- if you guys hardly had any scope to interact together...how do you explain your closeness? Then magic happened and we receive CLOY - I was over the moon. Many expected them to come out after the drama ended as like it would be a way for them to announce or something? But I never saw it as that, I saw it as a work opportunity where these two would FINALLY act TOGETHER in one space, as they have said themselves. I saw it as a fine excuse for them to spend time together like...validly. So the last bts video by Tvn was amazing for me. The way SYJ was hugging him up to his waist in the kiss scene rehearsal and them being playful was more satisfaction or indirect confirmation to my heart. The last part where they shot their last scene probably, both looked so heartbroken that it was over. Esp SYJ, and HB was consoling her by grabbing her shoulders so tightly. These are subtle yet powerful gestures in my eyes that does depict hidden love, love that they are not yet comfortable to publicly express to the world. And that is PERFECTLY fine. They are humans after all, they are entitled to their choices and emotions right? Now coming to the infamous article, well I read it and have come up with my own interpretation of the statements "I was stunned" by HB could mean- HOW ON EARTH DID THEY MANAGE TO SPOT THAT??? xDDD and his friend saying "They are now not dating as well" which means - they could be dating in the future no denial there right? Honestly, I really want to respect their privacy, it's only fair. The world does not need to have a front row seat to their love life- I mean that's such an intimate part of life. Would you like it if people were dissecting your personal life? Look at me, I find my YouTube channel to be an intimate part of my life thus not many people know I even have it- heck I am not even comfortable using my real name! xD So my point is that we should just leave them alone and let the time do its magic. We surely can create our own happy little world from the moments they have given us and forget about what result the future may bring. That's pretty much how I manage to edit lots of couple than just one. There is no point in worrying about things WE DON'T KNOW. I learnt to live for today, and today Imma ship them HARD AF I don't care xD Thank you for reading all of that (if you did) you deserve a chocolate chip cookie! Lots of LOve to all And please, just stay happy and positive...life is too short to stress. Expect the worst and hope for the best <3
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