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  1. Was it just me or this thread crashed for 2 days (Error 403?) I was so close to tearing up cos I thought this thread would be gone forever. So glad that it is back
  2. Thank you, thank you! All the scenes you mentioned were the ones that really moved me! The hymn that the orphan sang while GSJ was hiding was really haunting, that it played in mind for days afterwards. I think it was also like a foreshadow for GSJ's death. The soccer match was one scene that I hold dear too. Pyo Chi Su scoffing at the idea of being excited over soccer, until he learnt that the match was between KR and Japan. At that moment, it didn't matter whether the KR players were from SK/NK, just that they are from KR. Soccer really has a way to unite people Though the show is fictional, I'm glad it has stirred more people to even pray desperately for the unification of SK and NK
  3. One little scene that brought tears to my eyes was when F4 maknae (Geum Eun Dong) saw students basking on the street, and he pointed to them and said that he wants to wear what they are wearing. He probably didn't know it was SK's version of a school uniform. But anw, when he put on the uniform, and walked with the other F4s in their SK clothes (Gwang Beom and ripped jeans ), I teared up at that scene, because it is like a little image of how different their lives could be if they grew up in SK. What 17 year old puts on an army uniform, when he should be in a school uniform? (Sobs) side track a little: How did the term "ducklings" came about? Was it out of some pun, or because RJH was like their mama duck?
  4. My take on this: When having noodles with SD, the woman whom GSJ referred to was Seri. He probably meant that after Seri called off the engagement, he found her attractive and was interested to know her as a woman rather than a revenge tool. But beyond his interest in Seri, I think his bigger motive was still revenge. Despite his revengeful heart, he couldn't bear to let Second Brother kill Seri, which was why he proposed to her to help her escape NK. After all, the last time GSJ saw Seri was 7(?) years ago in the restaurant. It doesn't make sense for him to be interested in Seri for 7 years after that brief encounter. When GSJ said what he said to Dan, he probably meant he was interested in Seri (for awhile) after the restaurant incident, not the whole 7 years. I believe that he also had motives to carry out his revenge AFTER the paper "marriage" with Seri. Even though it was only a paper marriage, GSJ is scheming enough to milk something out of it afterwards. We are talking about GSJ after all, who had plotted for years on how to take revenge. Which was why he looked so pissed that Seri rejected the marriage and went after RJH. Because that means his revenge plan is foiled again. However, it was that incident where RJH appeared at GSJ's house to rescue Seri, that brought GSJ closer to Dan. Because afterwards, GSJ and Dan met up even more regularly to pour out their hearts, and started to become more interested in each other. In the last 2 epi, GSJ said that Dan made him want to become a better man. If what he said was after getting to know Dan better, it makes sense as to why GSJ helped Seri and RJH escape to SK, because GSJ is not evil/bad inherently, just blinded with revenge. And somewhere along later in the episodes, GSJ also mentioned (it was implied) to Seo Dan that he helped them so that Seo Dan can see that what she and RJH is not love, because RJH was willing to risk his life for Seri. So Seo Dan should move on. At this point, GSJ's motive of wanting to take revenge has shifted to a motive of wanting Seo Dan know how much better she deserves (and that's GSJ). Also, around the time he helped Seri and RJH escape to SK, GSJ was quite certain that it is Seo Dan whom his heart is after and she is who he wants to be with. Then, it makes no sense for him to try to keep Seri and fulfil a paper marriage with her for "revenge". Thanks for posting the question because I didn't think deeply about it. But because you asked it, it made me rack through my brains and realise even more how the writer thought through about GSJ's character development as well!
  5. Question: Some people are really unhappy with CLOY because Jeong Hyeok is cheating on Seo Dan. How will you justify that JH was cheating on SD or not?
  6. JUST REALISED THAT EVEN GSJ AND DAN'S RELATIONSHIP HIGHLIGHTS THE SAUDADE THEME!!! A loving longing for something or someone, despite knowing that they cannot return.
  7. Rewatching CLOY because I binge-watched all 16 episodes in 3 days, and after that beautiful ending, I felt like I needed to rewatch from the beginning, slowly, to really enjoy it. **SPOILER BELOW IN CASE YOU HAVEN'T WATCHED EP16** When GSJ was killed, I wondered if the writer did it because there wasn't enough time to tie up his story. Some found it detestable that the writer killed off his character just to evoke emotions in the viewers. But now as I am on episode 4 (again), I thought that perhaps, very possibly, the writer has planned GSJ's death in advance. In episode 4, GSJ was out in the fields and he said that he was "into clay shooting" when he was in SK. In epi 16, when he had a showdown with the shooters, he highlighted once more to Dan that he is skilled in clay shooting. Which makes me believe that what he said in epi 4 was to pave the way for the last epi when he will be killed off. One thing I really like about this show is how the writer relates to us viewers through Ju-Meok. Ju-Meok flaunts his SK-drama knowledge and is proud to quote the cliches in K-Drama story lines (e.g. Protagonists kiss to avoid crisis, 'this' is where the protagonists usually dies etc.) As a writer who is self aware of the usual cliches, it doesn't make sense that she will kill off GSJ at the last minute and follow the cliche path. But rather, his death was already pre-planned in advance. Do I think his death was necessary to tie up the plot of evil second brother and his wife? No. I believe that even without his death, even if it did not lead to Dan executing revenge on evil second brother and wife, they can still be jailed. I'd like the ending where just like Ri-ri, Dan and GSJ reunite in another country, or that GSJ will come back a new man and marry Dan. So there must be a reason why writer planned to kill off GSJ. Although I cannot fathom her intentions, but as a viewer who tried to reflect deeper on Dan and GSJ's relationship, my conclusion is this: GSJ's death was needed for both him and Dan to know how much they are valued. The scene where the GSJ cried when the orphan sang "Who will mourn for me when I die?" really cuts deep into my heart. But as he was in his final moments, he realised that one person would mourn for him, and that was Dan (I bawled like mad here). It was at that moment where the labels "thief/conman/swindler" that were tagged on him previously were removed. At that moment, he felt like a valued human, and in his final breaths, died as a hero. As for Dan, it was also at the moment when GSJ sacrificed himself for her, that she also realises her own value. I do wish that there was more backstory as to why Dan is so cool/cold. But the impression that this character gave me is that she has trust, and insecurity issues. Even if she and GSJ ends up together, her self-doubt/trust/insecurity issues will keep her from fully trusting in GSJ, especially since she was 'betrayed' by RJH. But when Dan realised her worth when someone was willing to sacrifice his life for her, it was also the moment where Dan put aside her insecurity and self-doubt. I really like how the camera panned on Dan slightly smiling at the end when she was solo-travelling 3 years later. But does GSJ REALLY have to die?!?! Again, no. Writer could revive him just as how Seri woke up despite having flat-lined. However earlier on, another poster mentioned something interesting -- was that in that scene, parallels about medical facilities available in both countries were highlighted. NK paramedic didn't even try to revive GSJ, whereas SK did everything they could do revive Seri. It beautifully illustrates the current situation in NK as well --- that lives are not as valued under that regime. If GSJ has been in SK when he was shot, I'd like to think he had a chance of surviving (after all Seri was also shot in her gut). So as much as GSJ's death was unexpected for us, it was a beautiful ending in its own way for his and Dan's relationship and realisation of self-worth, which begets the question for us viewers: How much do we know that we're valued? Also, just want to highlight @strongtower's beautiful take on the 2 couples which I whole-heartedly agree with --the lessons to be learnt from them. Really shows that writer didn't do it spontaneously due to lack of time, but is an artist in her own way.
  8. Usually after ending a drama series, I can start another series after 1 day of grief. But it has been 2 days and it feels like this post CLOY grief is gonna stay for another month which is a good thing so that I can wean off my K-junkie habit. I'm really loving RJH's and Seri's well written characters. Any other dramas to recommend where the male lead AND female lead is as endearing as them? (Side note: I really like the leads in I'm not a Robot.) Anw, reflecting on the time when RJH went to SK to find Seri, I found it a little bit uncomfortable that she was spending way too much on RJH like a sugar mummy. As a viewer, I reflected how is it that RJH on the receiving end didn't seem uncomfortable at all? And how is it that Seri goes all out without a worry that his pride will be hurt. Then I realised the flaw is not in the written characters, but rather, it is how my perception has been skewed by the countless K dramas I watch where rich girls hurt men's pride, and only the men should spend lavishingly on the females. Then it hit me that's how much RJH and Seri truly loves each other -- to the extent where RJH's pride isn't hurt despite Seri forking out money for all his coats and even the yearly music scholarship (must be a bomb) And that Seri is comfortable with RJH, and trusting in his character that he won't be hurt by her strong alpha female qualities. This is why I was so invested in this couple because both of them are equals. Both of them are alphas in their fields, and have equal footing in their relationship. In times of need, they don't feel threatened/lesser by the other. Rather, both of them RESPECTS each other's strengths and motivate each other to improve on their weaknesses. In NK, Seri is the (typical poor girl) who met a Chaebol. And in SK, RJH is the (typical next door guy) who met a woman with strong personalities. Yet, even though both of them were stripped of their wealth/power in each state respectively, neither of them felt threatened, but rather, fleshed out their instinctive self-sufficient traits to find different ways to show their love for each other (Seri learning to pawn to gift RJH a watch, and RJH getting rings even though he is broke in SK) Because of CLOY, goodbye to the days of financially poor females feeling unworthy to Chaebol-boys, and financially poor boys feeling threatened by strong females. Need I say more how much I love this pair of beautifully written characters???
  9. Omgosh I really, really enjoyed point 5 too. My heart melted and broke at the same time when RJH walked for miles when he had just recovered, to only hear Seri pushing him away. And even then, he is one of a kind lead character, who didn't forcefully grab Seri by the wrist or forcefully pulled her into a hug. HE JUST SAID "I understand, but don't cry". MY HEART JUST... DROPPED. Poor RJH just wanted to make sure that Seri was safe and okay.
  10. Totally new here, but decided to join on the bandwagon because I see how everyone is so passionate about the Ri-ri couple and I had to join you all as well HEHE. One thing that really struck me in the final episode was the talk between RJH's mom and Dan's mom. It struck me because Dan's mom was so insistent on being the one to apologise for ending the engagement, instead of allowing RJH's mom to apologise. Her persistence in requesting RJH's mom to accept her apology instead, really shows how much she really loves Dan despite her loud and gaudy ways. Because even if Dan's mom knew that it was RJH who didn't had feelings first, she'd rather be the one to apologise in her daughter's stead, so in this way, she protects Dan's pride as being the party who called off the engagement first. Also, I read that some say it is "noble idiocy" at play when RJH tried to take on all the blame during the NIS interview, and not discussing things through with Seri. For most of the K-dramas I watch, I really detest this whole noble idiocy thing, like JUST TALK THINGS THROUGH CAN YOU? But for this case, I don't think it was noble idiocy. RJH who has no experience with the NIS, (and it's a huge thing that a NK is caught by NIS) is in a position where he truly thinks that they will hurt Seri and his men as NK would have done. Rather than being a noble idiot, I think he calculated it all before deciding to push Seri away. Especially even more so when NIS agent said that their conversation will be recorded. But even so, Seri looked through him and knew that he was lying out of love, and even understood why he chose to spew all those hurtful words. More than being hurt by the words he said till she fainted, she probably was more worked up that even at that point in time, he is trying to seem like "everything is fine", when it's not. Earlier in the series, one part that really touched me was when Papa Ri kidnapped Seri, and in the truck when she tried to think of happy thoughts, she thought of how RJH always says that he is fine even when he is not.
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