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  1. Very well-said @yejinatic1981, i once shared my concern and got called out in here to delete my post and this person even sent me a few DM asking if i’m the ex shipper. I mean, wtf, seriously?!? we’re all here to ship happily, more or less we all have the wishful thinking that our ship will sail smoothly, there will be hiccups here and there, not everyone of us know how manipulating the media can be so we get worried when rumours like this current one occur. I know it’s baseless and i hate to bring it up again but my point is, it’s not totally not related, so please be kind. I think up to this point we all can tell who are truly shippers and who aren’t, so be kind with your words please. Thanks
  2. Deleted my old post. sorry i know it’s against the rule, for what i felt about the rumour i just wanted to share with you guys who are in this ship with me, who i believe have some understanding why it’s upsetting. I didn’t mean to bring the mood down, just wanted to share my concern and probably look for some comfort
  3. @itspeanutbutterjellytime i think so too. There were so many times HB said that he/they wanted to work together again in a more lively environment. I can’t remember exactly what was said but basically they want to work together again. So much that i don’t think it’s a coincidence they got CLOY project after TN. But coincidence or not, i’m happy they got together for CLOY
  4. Oh yeah i know it’s a possibility that he was just there as security for the wedding. Please don’t mind my wishful thinking
  5. The wedding was in April 2019 according to what i saw on the news back then. I’m not sure if HB was there. If he wasn’t, it was sweet he got his bdg to take care of her
  6. @Sukma Anggraini i only used the translate function on Insta to see what it said, basically pointed out that there was a silhouette there on the photo, and said that it was HB. I personally think it could be anyone, i do see the shadow there, but who knows whose it belonged to, i’m just hoping it was his Update about my post: after looking at the photo again, i think another possibility is that it was her own silhouette. If it was then my apology, please excuse my delulu heart and mind
  7. @Kristen Son @cloyfan it’s this post that i saw. Look at the line they draw on the silhouette. I think it’s really there hehe
  8. https://www.instagram.com/p/BsPrlTJn1ep/?igshid=1dh2uzvcia8ym guys, someone mentioned on insta that there was a silhouette of a man in this photo! I think they’re right!!! Can anyone spot it too or it was just my delulu mind hahaha Im so hoping it was HB’s silhouette!!!
  9. It’s BACK ON guys!!! Let’s continue shipping!!! Sooo happy the forum is open!! Thanks admin
  10. I agree!! I see what you see too!! Those photos are of HB and YJ indeed!! I don’t know if they were actually shot at the end of filming or in Switzerland, i know they were made to look like it was in Switzerland but honestly there was some kind of intimacy between them that wasn’t there before. Those photos could have been shot in front of green screen on the last days, maybe. I like to think that they grew closer and closer towards the end of filming, hence the chemistry in those photos
  11. @Kristen Son omo omo you’re driving me nuts with this comment!!!! what is it can you DM me pleaseeeeeeeee I’ve been reading everything on this forum i can’t believe i’m not seeing what you and another comrade are seeing LOL
  12. So true Those sweet moments are what keeping our heart happy! i hope HB and YJ stay strong for each other
  13. Hi guys, i’ve been lurking around this forum for weeks, love all the posts here!!! You guys are amazing I decided to join the forum as i have this thought i wanna share. Regarding this hand holding photo and denial from Vast, what i don’t understand is why is it on the news now, again? I mean this was weeks ago, and no matter if it’s true (i secretly hope it is ), it’s old news, why make an article about it now and get Vast to deny? It feels to me that whoever did this just want to get ppl’s attention. I’m not sure if Vast denied when this photo first appeared (could anyone remember if they did deny it?). what i’m saying is, don’t lose hope shippers!! This might be just a tactical thing news outlets do to get ppl attention. And even if they deny again, i’m still going to hope they are together