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  1. I found Yejin cute in this interview, especially at 53:19. It was a present given to Bin only but she was so comfortable that right when Bin received it, she pointed at the chibi on the box and said "it's cute", grabbed the snacks in the box without hesitating and when the host asked if she could eat, Ms YJ said "eat it". Haha she did everything before Bin reacted. I think...
  2. @rosy It's interesting to know you have a different intepretation on that but I want to explain a lil bit ^^. That sentence was RJH's line in their 1st kiss scene (나만 보시오). The editor even put their 1st kiss scene below when YJ said that. https://imgur.com/a/yWW0ech More explanation And I know she was playing along with him but still don't know why she chose to say that haha
  3. @PickyPrincess They translated YJ's message on the foodtruck sent to support actress Kim Hyesoo and updated about HB's CF filming. They are also happy about the fact that both were coincidentally active today. ^^ So there is no DVD cut? I wonder why
  4. Same here. His gaze is one of the thing that keeps me on this ship besides grocery pics and many more little things ^^. Despite only seeing the way he looks at her through the screen, I can feel my heart goes boom boom LOL. One thing I have observed from YJ side (I saw some of you guys have pointed this out a long time ago) is even though she is bubbly and outgoing with everyone, I can see her being more gentle, sometimes shy and more feminine when she's with HB (tell me I'm not alone~). For example: the TVN interview where she was wearing the hot pink sweater (she asked him to help her with the acrostic poem), or when HB made mistakes in the rings exchange scene (she jokingly scolded him but her smile is always on her face while looking at him ).
  5. CJ Entertainment posted this. Unfortunately, it was just a compilation of boomerangs and a short clip haha~ Another cute video:
  6. It means "let's cheer up a little more" ^^ You can check @binsshi account on twitter, their Kor-Eng translation is very good and on point imo. I miss Binjin, too. T.T
  7. Not sure if it's posted here so I decide to do a throwback ^^. I was lurking on instagram yesterday and found some photos and videos of Yejin's 2020 birthday celebration, which was a surprise by her team~. It's nice to know she got to celebrate her bday in the midst of busy filming schedule. Read the caption hehe. Her team is cute <3 caption: "Yejin smiling/happy face is so beautiful. Happy birthday Samsuk-ssi" yejinhand commented: "I'm touched" caption: "Let's meet at 9PM~ ^^ (drama's on air time) Choi Samsuk-ssi #SonYejin #MorningBdayParty #CrashLandingOnYou #DontMissIt" this caption said "#HBD #YejinDay #Happybirthday Yejin #Wishyouthehappiestday Today is #CrashLandingOnYou filming day/ (EDIT: or it could mean Cloy on air day because it's Saturday. I'm not sure since the caption is a little ambiguous to me) #SonYejinteam" @flailingfangirl my instagram lurking came in handy~ yes Yejin's stylist is Lee Yunmi, definitely not the same stylist of Binnie, SMA and GHJ (ig account: stylist_eel)
  8. So happy that she finally posted on her instagram after a whole month without any updates . To whoever gave that orange-lemon tree to her, thanks for making our Yejin feel better. And this is a little bit out of topic but base on my experience, I recommend you guys to use Naver's web translator aka Papago if you want to have a better Kor-Eng translation than Google Translate. Ofc it can't be 100% accurate but it's okay to use while waiting for a proper translation. #HappySailing
  9. I wanted to say the same thing a long time ago but I couldn't write it really well. Thank you for wording it so nicely. Being caught by D*spatch is the last thing any fans would want to happen to their idols/actors.
  10. Are you looking for this interview? There is English sub if you turn CC on ^^ In the SBS Hanbam interview, the question was who being casted first. I found translation on twitter:
  11. Hi I think I can answer this for you ^^ A fan asked SYJ and she mentioned his character Min Taegu (gu=구) in "The Negotiation". I think that the fan said "Min Tae..." then delayed for a moment and shouted out the wrong name with her voice raising up a little bit (Min Taegu -> Min Tae Gyu (??!) so they found it funny and bursted out laughing . She said she was too focused in the movie/actors that she couldn't recall his character's name haha. And as I've learnt, "(fullname/firstname)-ssi (씨)" is a polite way to address someone politely in Korean, frequently used in formal situation. You can use it to address someone who is equal to you or younger. (here is a link for you: https://www.reddit.com/r/Korean/comments/78ogav/whats_does_씨_mean_and_how_do_you_use_it/). Addressing others in Korean is kinda complicated to understand, you have to consider the relationship and the situation(hierarchy is important).
  12. @TotoroSY According to the tweet, he was at a stage greeting for Rampant's promotion. And the toy sword he was holding was a gift from a young fan. Ah and the one in the beige coat is one of the supporting actresses in Rampant - Lee Sunbin
  13. @kiko11 As far as I know, it's a pretty common way to address that, even some interviewers/reporters use that phrase to ask... so I just want to share what I've learnt. ^^ I didn't mean to start any argument. So sorry if my post sounds aggressive to you. My Eng is bad, too but I hope it won't stop us from sharing our thoughts about our couple here. Happy sailing~
  14. He said that using this phrase "호흡을 맞추다" which literally means "breathing the same air". I've heard many others use this and it means "working together" (you can copy and paste the phrase I wrote to Naver dictionary to understand more, I recommend reading the examples). Sometimes it's hard to find an equivalent phrase because language is complex (for example: idioms). To be clear, I think some translators just translated it word by word... (in my opinion it's not supposed to sound romantic?) Anyways, I watched their interviews during TN promo and I'm really happy that both insisted on wanting to work together again because they only had one scene filmed together in the movie. I remember that HB said YJ is well-known for acting with her eyes so he wanted to act with her while looking into her eyes. Really happy that they took the opportunity to work tgt in CLOY. ^^
  15. So sorry to say this but the long post with those judging words towards HB isn't nice at all. We don't know HB nor YJ in person and those bts scenes are just, maybe only 1% from their filming days/daily lives. Can we just appreciate their bond without seeing that they must do this or that to be seen as someone who is in love? Sometimes, due to "lost in translation"/cultural difference, we may see things differently. But it's just our own judgement. To me, those contents we've had until now are so precious and lovely. If you still see a potential in them like me, keep sailing. If not, please don't kill the mood. Analyzing further/rationally is much appreciated but I think when you decide to post, you should be more sensitive in choosing words. Sorry if my post sounds awkward but I'm not very good at expressing my thoughts in English.
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