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  1. This is just an advice.. About the flowers that Hyunbin's received, some shippers tend to believe that it is the same flower in Son Yejin's instagram post. This is only mentioned in this forum just a couple of times, so I just let it go but on other social media people keep posting it.


    To anyone who posted that & reading this I hope you should just keep it discreet. It would give a bad image to Hyunbin if some media took hold of the post for clicks. It would looks like Hyunbin is being inconsiderate to his fans' gift when he gave it to Son Yejin instead.


    That's all. Happy shopping, shoppers! :D

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  2. @shipwreck already jumped ship? then, why are you still here in this ship? lol... calling people cult & toxic when we just want to see positive things in here is absurd


    On the other hand have you seen the fan ig account yejin follow? I love that yejinonly caption wrote "Stay healthy together" and the fact that syj will see that caption just flutters my heart and i hope syj's heart flutters too. hehehe :wub:


    I have noticed this since awhile ago that the caption changed from just "stay healthy" to "stay healthy together"


    i hope that "together" is with the man I have in mind rn. lololol

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  3. 3 hours ago, Helena said:
    • dating is (usually) considered a SCANDAL.
    • dating at a work place is UNPROFESSIONAL.
    • ‘dating at the expense of the public’ (highly frowned upon) — Real-life couple working on a project together and get paid for ‘dating’  [When they accepted Crash Landing on You, the news articles had many ‘thumbs downed’ cause of reason #3]

     I really wish one day Korean will change their perspectives in all of the above points. I admit I want them to change so maybe just maybe my shipping could sail without worries but at the same time, I can't imagine being the celebrities.


    You can't choose who you want to be in love with. Its like if they love their co stars they have to cross these huge amount of obstacles just to be together. That is so tiring & kinda inhuman. Putting the boundaries on who they should love and how they should love. That is so sad.


    And about the limiting people to enjoy with shipping... it is what it is. Yes it is sad but what can we do. We have to be careful on what we said in the internet. It is just how it works. I have done a bad thing once and now I choose to continue my shipping outside of internet away from public eyes. Cause I can't control my mouth and my imaginations here. hahaha

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  4. Sometimes I just want to skip a few months or maybe a one or two years, waking up with the news: 


    "Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin had tied the knot in a private wedding! Wish them well."


    Then i don't have to live in uncertainty anymore. I can have a very genuine happy smile looking at all of their interactions during my shipping time. That would be the best thing that could ever happen in my entire life.









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  5. 8 hours ago, itspeanutbutterjellytime said:

    Anyhooos, keeping up with the positivity and continue to celebrate both HB and SYJ, please share your favourite moments of Binjin are, like maybe top 5, or more if you want and the reason(s). I'll start! Not in order... I would attach the image or vids but I'm too lazy lol


    *drum roll

    Here is my TOP 5 Binjin moments


    1. The bts hug on switzerland. The amount of times I keep the video on loop is unhealthy. From what I saw, the part where hyunbin and son ye jin was stumbling down the hill SERIOUSLY LOOKS LIKE IT WAS INTENTIONAL BY HYUNBIN. He had that perfect balance when he catch her but then he choose to lift up his leg. The director already yell cut but he kept on dragging ye jin down the hill :joy::joy:


    2. Netflix Thailand interview. Hyunbin being sly when he give the reason to watch CLOY because Yejin is in it and being all red and shy after that. I have never seen Hyunbin like that in any other iv when he complimented his co-star


    3. bts hospital scene. Yejin listening to Hyunbin when he talk about showering before come to shoot. That is so adorable. Why are they talking and laughing about small things as that? I don't think showering topic is interesting. Hahahaha


    4. All swoon interview. Do I even have to talk about this. It is as clear as day!!!


    5. Tvn interview with Yejin in pink knitted sweater. They look like they are having so much fun!! I laughed so hard when suddenly Yejin spoke honorifically and Hyunbin just like "Why suddenly you change to honorific language?" HAHAHAHAHA. Do you dislike it that much when Yejin using honorific language to you, Hyun Bin-ssi???


    *sorry for my grammar etc. I'm not very good in English

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  6. I just found some more possible evidence guys!



    @ 1.50 hyunbin is talking about how they can still laugh and the dating rumors doesn't bother them to take this project yadayada

    and the  look at seo ji hye face on the right @ 1.54 she seems like "uhhh yeah right" while smilling. that smile seems like it is hiding something


    idk if my delulu mind has corrupting me or what but..... HMMMMMMMMMMMM

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  7. 1 minute ago, Yi Gui said:

    Park Shin Hye dating

     Mar 7, 2018

    Park Shin Hye and Choi Tae Joon finally admitted that they are a couple after a year of dating. They were rumored to be going out since early 2017 but it was only in 2018 that they finally confirmed their dating status.The 28-year-old actress and the 26-year-old actor are said to have been dating for over a year. 


    Sources from the industry say Shin Hye and Tae Joon usually enjoy quiet dates at Shin Hye's apartment in Chungdam-dong or hang out with their common friends around the neighborhood. Tae Joon's friends are reportedly aware that they're dating.


    Shin Hye's agency S.A.L.T Entertainment has denied the dating reports, saying, "It's not true that Park Shin Hye and Choi Tae Joon are dating. They are just close friends." 

    This isn't the first time Park Shin Hye and Choi Tae Joon were hit with dating rumors. In May last year, rumors emerged that they were more than just friends. The reports surfaced as the two were spotted going on a vacation together with their friends in April and visited a national park together in May. There was also a video showing the two stars' close relationship while they enjoyed a trip overseas.

    At the time, Shin Hye's agency also denied the reports, stating, "They merely have a close senior-junior relationship. As Park Shin Hye and Choi Tae Joon are both students at Chung Ang University, they have maintained a good friendship as industry senior and junior."

    The statement continued, "Fans are very well aware of their friendship. Park Shin Hye went to the park not only with Choi Tae Joon, but with many other fellow students as well. 


    They were rumored to be going out since early 2017 but it was only in 2018 that they finally confirmed their dating status.



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