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  1. This is just an advice.. About the flowers that Hyunbin's received, some shippers tend to believe that it is the same flower in Son Yejin's instagram post. This is only mentioned in this forum just a couple of times, so I just let it go but on other social media people keep posting it. To anyone who posted that & reading this I hope you should just keep it discreet. It would give a bad image to Hyunbin if some media took hold of the post for clicks. It would looks like Hyunbin is being inconsiderate to his fans' gift when he gave it to Son Yejin instead. That's all. Happy shopping, shoppers!
  2. @superspace thanks for the bts gif. I've been waiting for someone to do every frame of that video XD. Its kinda funny how in the 2nd gif hyunbin smile disappeared as quick as possible when he faced the camera. HB be like: Hehehe- wait oh sht. gotta control
  3. @shipwreck already jumped ship? then, why are you still here in this ship? lol... calling people cult & toxic when we just want to see positive things in here is absurd On the other hand have you seen the fan ig account yejin follow? I love that yejinonly caption wrote "Stay healthy together" and the fact that syj will see that caption just flutters my heart and i hope syj's heart flutters too. hehehe I have noticed this since awhile ago that the caption changed from just "stay healthy" to "stay healthy together" i hope that "together" is with the man I have in mind rn. lololol
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