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  1. Wow thanks for doing this blow by blow review of the vid @preciousbydbay. Hahahaha... I get the kilig (flutter) over and over again. I am back in Soompi forum!! Been a while!!! Hahahahahaha. So nice to be able to read again different views from everybody! And soompi format has changed? It's better now right? I hope they come up with a mobile app. Are we now allowed to use emojis from our phone? Haha.
  2. Hi fam. It's been a while since i was last here. If I remember it right, I started when this forum was on page 102 then I was last here on page 386. I see that this forum has grown as more and more share the same love for our dear BinJin. Welcome aboard guys. About yesterday... I guess it's ok that some people felt how they did yesterday. Some were ok, some were not. Everybody's entitled to it. Own feeling and thinking. Let us allow each other be humans, not robots nor ghosts. Let everyone have the chance to bounce back and not be judged as weak... After all, it'
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