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  1. Good morning from the Philippines. Been a while since i last posted here. And I see that the family is really growing. This also means that apart from the BinJin family getting bigger, there are also more and more people being inspired and made happy by our dearest BinJin amidst the global health emergency that we all fear everyday. I hope everybody in this forum will be getting over the pandemic successfully so that we can all rejoice as one when the two finally gives us something hahaha! Hoping! Fighting! Just want to share also that the BinJin infection is really something because another one of the main producers of the Philippine Television is also infected by HB and SYJ. Thus, his post few minutes ago. He noted HB and SYJ as one (collective) of his top 8 personalities during the ECQ stage of the Philippines alongside some politicians, government representatives, other local celebs and philanthropists. To all Pinoys here, this smells like Mr. Deo Endrinal (montie08) might be thinking right now of buying the rights to show CLOY in the Philippines, of course dubbed. Hahahaa. Or maybe, if his wealth can manage, i am hoping he is thinking of bringing over HB and SYJ to the Philippines!!!! Waaaah. Remember, even Charo Santos (another big time executive producer) was head over heels both for HB and SYJ too! They are good friends and businesses partners!! I hope this pandemic end soon!
  2. By coincidence, that will happen. By planning so hard, let's make it happen. @Riri forever game?
  3. Shall we consider that we are all coincidental shoppers as well? Hahaha. I would like to give them the, Breakthrough Coincidental Couple Award! Super record breaking in terms of the number of coincidents. Hahahaha. @janesnow are we coincidental beshies too?
  4. I laughed over how my investigation was going. Hahahahaha. So now in this quarantine, I am making sure I finish each of my meetings and phone calls in less than an hour so I can be on the phone "investigating". Hahaha. I think I'll change my career and shift from engineering work and apply for a position in dispatch. Hahaha. Honestly, I am just rewatching CLOY, FMV, BTS. Hahahaha. Things suddenly pops out of my mind while watching. Also, I have stumbled on this insightful interview from YJ. I guess this was during/after SITR. Very honest responses from YJ based on the translation I got. If anybody has better or accurate translations, please share. Son Ye-jin, after having a real relationship in the drama, thought that she should not regret when she loves. "Do not let your emotions fade because you are scared and afraid, and you will love them deeply at that moment. However, since I don't think the end of love is marriage, I don't want to get married right now." "Now if I don't talk about marriage around, I think, 'Why don't you ask me?' (Laughs) Marriage is a matter of loneliness or beautiful redemption. It's good to stay like this. I don't think it's like it's because I've worked so hard because there haven't been any scandals so far, to be honest, I don't know why I lived like that, because for a moment, love never came first. I'd advise you to do it, but I didn't listen to it. Now I feel that there is less chance to experience real love. Ideal type? I do n’t look at it. I wish I had a big bowl. It ’s not a bowl. (Laughs) I can lean on. I love beings who care for me. " https://www.smlounge.co.kr/woman/article/39226#utm_source=naver_blog&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=naver_blog
  5. @bpwinces! Please. My comment is nothing compared to how impactful your creation is. Honestly, I repeated it several times now (like how I put CLOY on repeat). And asked myself, after these 101 reasons, how can I ever still doubt them? It was clear as day and good thing you pointed them out in details. So whenever I'm in doubt, all I do is re-watch your video. Mygoshhh. You are so keen. Example, #71 reason, I was discussing this with my friend @janesnow. Omg. Y'know what I mean. Hahahaha. I can't even explain myself you see. Hahahaha. My body is just shaking from too much fluttering hahaha. Thanks again!
  6. @bpwinces! I saw your creation in YouTube. Me and @janesnow are really teary eyed. It seemed and felt like we are watching ang AVP for a wedding. Waaahhh. Thank you for your talent. You don't know how it eases our hearts' longing for a positive BinJin news. I hope Bin ssi and Jin ssi will see your creation one day and say, "She captured everything for us. Every single thing that made our relationship so special." Thanks again. I don't know if somebody here already shared the link already. In case not. Guys, don't miss this. Prepare your tissue.
  7. I just got back to back reading from 4 days of being lost. Hahaha. If ever... Only if ever... The distances of the 925 bldg with YJ and YJ to HB's house are all true...... Then what I can only imagine in my head right now how our dear dad might have dropped the mom home several times (or all the time) from TN events to CLOY after shoots. Next is, I am imagining now how hard it is for them to part ways saying/doing this around 3 to 5 times until they finally part. Hahaha. YJ: thanks! You go ahead! HB: no, I'll go when you're inside. YJ: OK. (waves goodbye, slightly walks away. Looks back and runs back to HB. Throws her arms around him. ) HB: whaaattt... (hugsss back) OK, now, go inside you naughty little lady.... Assuming at my own risk here. Haha. Sorry.
  8. Hi @janesnow I don't know where I've been. This entire quarantine and work from home state got me so lost. Hahahaha. Omg. Don't feel guilty for sounding like a 15 year old!!! That's what we all want. I am giving myself a timeline. If YJ don't show herself until the end of month.... Hnmmm.... Waaahhh. Whatever! I don't know what to say. Hahaha. Let's wait and pray desperately. I am feeling positive about this.
  9. Maybe we don't need a DVD of the bts and all because something bigger is coming up soon? Just like what YJ said in her recent comment/post. "Sister are you ready?" "let us go a little more" *wink*
  10. I am just happy that something is expected to bloom some more as she notes "let's go a little more". Let us all continue to wait and pray desperately shoppers. I am feeling so ecstatic.
  11. Happy about this news. It is also officially a month today, since CLOY ended. So since we are all having a hard time to move on, having this forum back in action is one of the best things that happened today.
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