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  1. I've noticed that this particular ig account's been posting a lot of observations made within this soompi thread... quite concerning
  2. Yas my girl sarah g standing up for love. Not to mention, one of her security personnels ratting out the civil wedding to her disapproving mother... and the groom punching the bodyguard out of frustration reminiscent of the scene when RJH tried to break into GSJ's paid villa to check up on YSR!! It's best to keep our expectations low and let the universe pleasantly surprise us when the time is right #InGroceryWeTrust
  3. Well thanks for taking the time to clarify your statement. This thread's purposely named "hyun bin - son ye jin couple" and if you think that HB's better suited with other actresses, well quite frankly this isn't the thread for you
  4. It's important to note that Worlds Within was filmed in 2008. Hyun Bin was only 26. You can't run around comparing apples to oranges. His actions back then reflected his youth and it is a world apart from how he is today as an actor in his late 30s. "It's so obvious and I don't see that here now" ..... well it's obviously not as obvious since you're the only one making this claim. Like what our lovely friend Ambivert has written here, please refrain from spreading negativity on a thread that is meant to celebrate the chemistry of two lovely actors. Our ship has sailed and rest assured it's no titanic, so you icebergs should go find a new mass of water to loiter in
  5. Will the cast and crew receive a reward vacation for the monumental success of CLOY? I sure hope they do! They did a fantastic job and deserve all the accolades
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