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  1. @jacdayans I saw this too so I did some research and I am just confirming what @GogoRoboto already said before people start taking this too seriously. This Twitter account juxtaposed the English translation from the caption of SYJ's hairstylist's IG food truck post from yesterday and HB's assistant's IG story from today. It wasn't the same time. Also, HB's assistant uploaded a follow up IG story related to that D-day pic and it looks like he had a personal thing. So bottom line, this point is reaching and we shouldn't take it as a crumb. Lol! Thank you both for the explanation. I thought I have missed something
  2. Not sure if this has been discussed here earlier, but I just saw it on twitter. Anyone knows what is it about & what’s the connection with the 2 pictures?
  3. I couldn’t sleep so I searched about korean celebrities wedding. Interestingly most of them got married during the months with nice weather. Majority of them got married in September - October or April - May. Months with extremely cold or extremely hot weather like Nov - Dec or June - Jul are not really anyone’s choice. I also noticed those celebrities who announced their marriage prior to any confirmed dating news tend to reveal it around 2-3months earlier. So if there’s a wedding planned within the next 12 months, there is a higher probability of an announcement coming in June/July or Jan/Feb Praying hard!!!
  4. Not sure if this has been posted here yet but check out the latest post from binjindiary on Instagram!! Now we can be 99.9999999% sure that the food truck was from HB
  5. I don’t think being separated for a few months or a period of time for film/drama shooting would be a big deal for them. They are actors & they know very well the life of being an actor or actress. It is bound to happen even after marriage if they continue acting. But I do agree, there is very low chance they will get married before HB complete shooting for his movie. I guess this delay is maybe one of the reasons we have not gotten the news that we want to hear ? An announcement anytime soon is possible but the marriage itself definitely will come after HB finishes filming. So far, we haven’t heard any news about HB & SYJ upcoming acting project, that is definitely a good sign
  6. That is not really how it works. I have seen a lot of dating news, some turned out bad- was opposed harshly by knetz but no lawsuit has ever been made to these media companies. I think they dont have such power or it’s not legally wrong. Lee Hyori once said in a show that all these media outlets will send dating pictures of the celebs to their agencies prior to the revelation. If the agencies deny, they will send more “couple-ish” pictures to a point agencies can’t deny anymore. Usually agencies are being notified if the media is going to reveal any dating news unless the celebrities themselves would like to come clean about it. So since SS couple, Dispatch seems to not reveal a couple if the relationship is heading towards marriage & that’s what we’re hoping for for our binjin based on all the crumbs Years ago I shipped a famous idol couple. We had someone with reputable connection within the k-ent industry in the fandom to give us a heads up that a dating news involving X & Y will come out on a certain day & it really did. I wish we have such fan as well in this fandom lol
  7. She said in 2018 that they don’t use banmal but when I watch their CLOY interviews, they did use banmal with each other especially when they are in their own world lol. Maybe accidentally slipped. Anyone else noticed this? Plus, I really wonder what do they call each other. Bin-ssi & Son Baewu are definitely just cover-ups hehe
  8. Anyone knows if it’s a newly bought house or he’s been living there all along but the media seems to pick up the news only now ? The article is more about finding out another celebrity (HB) living in that apartment complex rather than about HB buying a new apartment. Just a thought, I always read about celebrities buying a new house prior or after the wedding for their newlywed home hehehe
  9. After reading that it is purely a speculation, isn’t it possible if the admin of PublicityAsia IG is just a big fan & shipper of BinJin just like the rest of us ? Hence, the Binjin post... And maybe the Binjin post was deleted to keep things professional ? I find it quite unprofessional if the account mix celebrities work & personal life in their posts. I don’t think we should give too much attention on why it was posted and deleted, it doesn’t really mean anything imho. Why would a professional PR company get themselves involved in a “rumor” ? Seeking for fans’ attention maybe ? Furthermore it is not even a Korean company as what I understand. Let’s ship responsibly without reading too much into things & overthinking. We might ended up giving the attention to the wrong party. We are privileged enough today with all the “real” content from our OTP hehehe
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