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  1. Anyone saw this, it's so funny Kim Joo Won (SG) x Yoon Se Ri (CLOY) SR is the female version of JW The editing is really on point Ps: Click the CC icon for eng subtitle
  2. There you are... HB is on 0:56 and 4:32, YJ is on 1:51 and 4:02 Ps: Please delete the picture in your quote, it's against the rules here
  3. Here is the translation i found on ins This statement is announced to deny the rumor that their artists involved in Shincheonji - a religious sect related to covid 19 You can read more here: "SM Entertainment, KeyEast Entertainment, MAJOR9, and MSteam Entertainment announced through official statements that their artists and actors have no involvement in the sect and will take firm legal action." " The religion in question is Shincheonji, a fundamentalist sect of Christianity in Korea which has been reported as largely responsible for the outbreak of COVID-19 in Daegu."
  4. No, he's YJ manager, not that bodyguard, he also went to Swiss with YJ You can see him in one of the pictures in Swiss which YJ posted on ins and in some bts pictures of CLOY staffs
  5. Yes. I think they just shot again for the closeup because the scene in Swiss wasn't close enough
  6. I think you are right. Because in the last bts, when each actors had a short time to said thanks and goodbye, i noticed that HB was wearing the same outfit in the reunite scene in Swiss too (just like in the Vast vid) and i was very confused. So now with your explanation, i can see it makes sense
  7. I totally with @jane snow @Sianna @Hyun_Bin_Boo that can make many things go wrong and out of control. So can you delete it please @Meily Jima
  8. Omg, does anyone know the full video of this vid or where is it from? I cant find it anywhere in the bts, is this from the special eps? Their laughs are so pure and sweet. Mr CEO just cant help but imitating his "very close friend" hmmm Ps: dont know why but i find their lips biting are kind of hot?! Maybe beacuse im just too obsessed about them
  9. Omo, omo this is soooo sweet, why i've never seen this before thanks alot for sharing it. I think i just have a heart-attack They were so natural and comfortable back then. Now when are under too much attentions, they cant do many stuffs like this anymore and i can totally understand it. From now on, I will just wallow in those sweet moments and wait for the wedding announcement (which i really hope will happen lol). And of course, no matter what happen i will always love and support them despite they are together or separate. So everyone, lets keep everything as positive and easy as possible and time will answer everything
  10. I thought only Vast denied the rumor, MS team hasn't said anything yet until now. Can you show me the news where MS team denied it? Thanks