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  1. If she liked this one, i hope this is in instagram though, this slowmo with one of the best songs in CLOY soundtrack... i will just hyperventilate and faint, eventhough im not a faint hearted shipper. and will really need aspirin and bp check PS. SYJ is talk of the town on the other thread lol, why dont they talk about who they ship? why SYJ?
  2. It’s like a documentary that was made for tv or for wedding reception presentation. it was so good. waiting for 2nd part. it just all came back to me why i jumped this ship. really! it was a good refresher about them and how bound they are by fate and also nice diversion from the negativity around them. i will have a good night sleep and good feeling because of the vid, thanks for sharing and itsmeehlala you are amazing as always, i always watched your binjin vids.
  3. Daebak again binjinsgrocery! Let’s just enjoy these fake subs which are really hilarious and makes BinJin heart imagination in private so cute and enjoyable! Let’s give the couple a breather and let them live happily at their own pace and plans. Let them flourish and solidify their foundation of long lasting love before the big wedding announcement if in doubts, #ingrocerywetrust Deleting fakesubs of binjinsgrocery posted as already duplicate with @lovebirds post above PS. perhaps they wore both Ralph Lauren to commemorate their Ralph’s (Pavilions
  4. Binjindiary and binjinsgrocery are just amazing! They are the master of fake subs and hats off to them! i just love every fake subs they post, i’m imagining they are like real life conversations of BinJin couple when they are in private, Just like in CLOY, when they are in private but when they are in public, also just like CLOY where they can’t be lovey dovey, again art imitating life. Like the others, I was disappointed and saddened of how Baeksang did not recognize enough CLOY team especially our OTP for their superb acting category. It was so hard for me to sleep and non stop l
  5. I agree, Thank goodness everyone worked hard to vote for popularity award and we are able to see them TOGETHER on stage, that moment is priceless and adding the back stage message and photos sharing 1 trophy, even though they have separate trophies. I am still trying to digest what just happened in the past almost 4 hours and still not sinking what just happened. From drought to drowned of BinJin, Now I want the wedding! Cheers shoppers/shippers/comrades/chingus. I hope BinJin made us all blissful and heavenly
  6. Me, still work from home but can’t work anymore, I also didn’t accompany my daughter going to school and ask our helper to go with her I am staring at tiktok app for any notif of live updates and also checking MeWatch app just to see i don’t miss out any, i look like freaking crazy lunatic at the moment, i am literally like Yoon Seri waiting for Jeong Hyeok to arrive home from Pyongyang! Crap!!! For the love of BinJin, my heart beats really fast, maybe i also need blood thinner! my aspirin and blood pressure monitor are next to me incase
  7. @charray once you open the app, tap the 3 horizontal lines on top left corner which is the menu, then choose Live TV. Then go to bottom part Live2 is only for Baeksang Awards streaming and starts at 3:50pm SGT. Hope this helps
  8. I tried visiting SYJ’s soompi thread, very minimal posts. I’m just so proud of the shoppers here! More active and more energetic in celebrating her milestone in her career. There is even a negative post there in SYJ thread about our OTP calling shipping pure stupidity, oh well I don’t think that someone is not real fan at all as she don’t want SYJ to be happy on personal side of life (could also be a troll too), so I left that thread. This BinJin shipping paradise is home for me. Happy 20th year anniversary to our Queen, for sure King HB is very happy celebrating with h
  9. Super lucky of PH fans indeed, I am from PH living in SG, I hope I can come home when HB (and SYJ if they add her soon) fan meet happened soon, But because of the Covid-19, I don't know! Anyway, BinJin shoppers, Let's all assemble and keep on voting for Baeksang Most popular, we are almost there! They almost have the awards! Daebak! But let's not be confident and keep on voting, keep on tapping, we are united! PS: Same here supposed to do work from home but more focused with BinJin updates and voting for them.
  10. Hello Chingus and shoppers! delurking mode here, it's been a while but I keep lurking every single day and night and also busy voting for uri BinJin couple using 6 iPhones and 5 iPads with single TikTok account each. I hope this adds and help to our beloved OTP. Also adding hubby's and daughter's iOS devices using their TikTok accounts and my hubby shaking his head while he saw me voting using his phone and account Can't wait for Baeksang and since I'm in Singapore I am excited to watch it in MeWatch app for live streaming #BinJin fighting! #ingrocerywetrust #cloybae
  11. So funny @Felizak@t we will get resurrected asap! we are that mighty??? hahahaha I was trying to browse mother’s day posts in SNS, but I got bored so fast and went back to this thread and addiction is real!!! especially these times where BinJin is also getting resurrected from the long drought hahaha Happy mother’s day to all the moms here like me and moms in the future... keep on rowing this ship as we are almost docking soon! #cloybaeksang #ingrocerywetrust #BinJinshippers
  12. wahahahaha rofl this is hilarious but it’s really like what i dream of happening! Daebakkk BinJin couple! Just seeing both of you like that even without any award (which I know you deserve, even for this fierce competition) Everyone is a winner when speeches and reactions are like this wahahahaha bravo BinJin Bravo! Also want to commend the editor who posted in Insta Can’t believe this thread is livelier than ever and that’s because it’s always BinJin who brought and unite us together, old and new shippers always joined forces for the greater good no matte
  13. If you visit HB soompi thread, fans posted that he had accepted Bargaining around the same time he accepted CLOY project. The timeline of the shooting was really affected due to pandemic and unable to travel. They really suppose to shoot right after CLOY
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