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  1. Let’s all hope, wish and pray that the most beautiful couple could read this themselves and know that they are both loved as a couple. I hope they know that not only in Korea they are loved as a couple but globally as well and that their international fans especially shippers/shoppers only want/wish are just pure happiness with each other and unconditional love that lasts a lifetime. They couldn’t do anything anyway while virus outbreak is still here but to make babies! That is why the probability of her being preggy in any awards night are high bwahahaha sorry but my delulu mind want their family making fast. This is their best time to be intimate anyway. SYJ was seen doing grocery with lots of veggies so that they can cook nutritiously healthy meals and HB seen doing a lot of working out in the gym because they need a lot of energy to last for their sexy time hahahaha sorry shoppers but that is all I can think of.
  2. Hahaha this really made my day! I was laughing like a fool and it brightened my day in a gloomy hot weather here in Singapore. Thank you for this! We all need to laugh amidst virus season to make our immune system strong and not be too stressed so that virus would not penetrate. In light of this, let’s all be happy here: -Let’s ship and shop like there is no tomorrow! Carpe Diem! C’est La Vie! -Let’s celebrate the long lasting LOVE of BinJin (isn’t it the sole reason why we are here?) -Let’s not compare achievements and who is better (They are partners, not competitors, they should complement each other to make magic and a perfect harmony together) -They both deserve our love and support that’s why we are shippers - I am a shipper of them, I am a fan of both, I tried to lurk in both individual threads and I enjoy it too but I know in my heart this thread is my home as I love them both together with same amount and respect. I am here because both of them makes me happy.
  3. There was a pairing with 3 movies together I won’t say who they are but their movies are Silenced (2011), Train to Busan (2016), Kim Jin Young 1982 (2019) So I was hoping another movie too for BinJin but I again I would give it up as Long as the wedding push through. K-Ent industry does not support real life couples in a project unfortunately.
  4. I just watched KakaoTalk again for the 5th time! Spazzing, smiling like a fool, and giggles won't stop and I look like a crazy fool. Binnie and Jinnie are very different whenever they are in their own world, and that is what I love about them, they are just authentic and very into each other, even if we know they passed the honeymoon stage, their sweetness never fades, How can that be??? I think their heart fluttering butterflies in their stomach won't stop even after yearssss of togetherness. Comparing both of them with their then other co-stars that they worked before even twice projects like are not even comparable, case closed! Period! Honestly, you cannot really hide the feelings and the happiness right? Even they are very professionals they will still slip and giving us candies more and more... I just want to lessen my addiction and rehab is not doing me any good too! They are in my dreams, they are my thoughts the moment I wake up, they are in my mind 24/7. My family has been forsaken! Please forgive me! Dear God, please oh please I beg, can we fast forward to the time/day of the greatest announcement of the wedding bells? I want my heart to feel at ease, everyday I feel like I'm on my 20's feeling in love with these 2 like a fool, When I am going 40 this year. Amazing how these couple can make ahjumma's heart feel like teenagers hahahahaha I think there is no way moving on from this couple... PS: That channel 20 though, I am amazed how Yejin diverted the topic to answer the question, and the question was "do you have the same operator?" since they answered same channel 20, and she just slipped big time, so she just diverted instead of answering the question if they have the same operator, because at the back of her mind "uhm we watched at the same TV and only 1 cable operator since we stay together at home" hahahahahahaha
  5. I am also imagining that I am also imagining Mrs. Kim is on a a bit tight sexy dress and the cute baby bump is noticeable! And her hair is on high bun then walking in red carpet hand in hand with Mr. Kim. Delulu mind is real!
  6. There is an English sub, click settings and choose cc then English @polkadots
  7. @binjinunnie I also live in Singapore, high five to you! We should be united in hoping, wishing and praying fervently for uri BinJin couple. I have huge faith in them and to their love for each other and their destiny that keeps unfolding. Let’s cheer for them and root for them! Fighting!
  8. It is enough! Haha haha kindness and being devoted conquers all difficulties especially in marriage, if someone is kind and forgiving then love wins. At the end of the day, love and marriage are commitment and choice. It is not just the feeling of butterflies in your stomach, that is the moment of infatuation. I believe they will both choose to commit in marriage, they are matured enough to know these. And the moment they see little BinJins for sure that will give them more reason for their marriage to workout and not to trade it for the world. Also their families both sides looks like intact and conservative, so it will help them as their parents will be like role models for the couple. The gift of family is worth every difficulty.
  9. I took it positively as the couple fortune and the flow of love are good as the fortune teller said. She said marriage can be difficult but who says marriage was easy? I’ve been married 13 yrs and still difficult haha haha. But as the fortune teller says if there is difficulty, you overcome it by resolving it, something like that, which I agree. You just don’t divorce just because there is difficulty or personal differences like most of the reasons for divorce, you fix it and resolve it together, and it is continuous. Marriage is always a work in progress. You don’t stop your effort just because you got married. BinJin omg getting there, hold on tight shippers!!! PS: fortune teller says BInnie is devoted and kind to someone he loves, and that I can see as clear as day
  10. Is there an FMV for this song? This is another perfect song for them. I hope there is and showing all the stares and glares, All those times HB can’t take his eyes off of Yejin. Found this interview of HB Dec 2017 https://www.soompi.com/article/1087677wpp/hyun-bin-talks-stardom-future-career-plans maybe it has been posted here also before, he wants the role of a villain and a bodyguard. I know that time TN has been filmed so villain role has been done, but the bodyguard role as Yoon Seri’s bodyguard hahaha all his plans for next roles are all for SYJ so serendipitous and destined... That man! So smitten since maybe the first time SYJ left unforgettable impression. Even though he passed the role for PT if that has been offered to him, the universe perhaps conspired for them not to meet at that time, so many chances they should have met personally and work together but again fate brought them in the end. The wonders of destiny, so amazing!
  11. Ditto! I am ready not to see them on a project but YJ on a wedding dress I wish fraternal twins that looks exactly like them when they are young, so adorable and good looking kids. I am imagining their Super cute family and also imagining how still beautiful YJ while preggy and how HB takes care of her on those crucial moments hahaha
  12. Agree agree agree! It takes time to prep a wedding anyway, with all the bits and pieces and mostly the women takes care of that as it’s one of their most shining moment and sometimes stressful and you get anxious but of course most exciting times haha haha I can’t imagine how busy she is in her personal and private life right now that’s why projects might be halted for now... a girl like me can dream right? But at the back of my head, it’s really on the works now and this is how they roll
  13. @Beanpaste I am totally on the same spot and I empathize with you, I just wish someone DM me that the date of wedding was set and I'll keep it as the most secret thing in my life until it happened. I just wanted to move on also and not checking soompi and the internet 24/7 for any announcement or updates. My eyebags are going to burst and my brains are all hay wired. I work from home now but unproductive and can't function well too as whenever I open my work laptop I will lurk here and social media again all the time. My kids (pre-schools) know Captain Ri and Seri since it is non-stop playing on TV and computers. My husband is getting annoyed with me too. But what can I do? these too shall pass but I don't think any moment now since I am crazy waiting for any announcement. This BinJin virus is more serious! But again the feeling of bliss they gave to me are just wonderful though! I want them to really have the gift of their own family like mine, crazy beautiful and would not trade the for the world feeling and experience.
  14. I found this link insightful - https://www.quora.com/Why-dont-Korean-directors-cast-married-dating-couples-in-drama-or-movies However, these are only opinions too. I am not sure if there were other dating couples who had project together (though i wish there were!!) That is why, in my opinion these powerful, beautiful, A-lister couple are breaking the norms and I genuinely admire them. Another thing, it is also the very reason why the agencies have to deny continuously. They admire each other so much as actors they want this time breathing the same air and acting on the same space (as HB is very consistent about this, his admiration in YJ's acting skills OMG phenomenal and riveting) experience working together again to really create an outstanding project showcasing their chemistry, charisma and amazing acting skills. I totally appreciate and praise them as this is a bold move and risk, and at the end it was a HUGE success and being together and all, it didn't hinder the drama and getting all the recognition on it's own. I am so proud of them, I hope this is the start of more like these (more open-minded and not so obsessive and possessive fans) They gave us the most beautiful special gift for all their fans and going to be fans and general audience worldwide before they start a new beginning of their next chapter which is of course... ( starting own family ) Anyway, these are just my 2 cents and these are my opinions. I am totally in AWE how both amazing these couple are as actors and as a couple. They truly deserve the success and respect of understanding and open-minded fans and audience like us. I just wish and pray fervently that their relationship become more stronger than ever. Furthermore, in the future, they grow together (and not grew apart) and achieve their goals. At the end of the day, their personal and private lives are the most important to take care of.
  15. SYJ’s later movies are not romance movies even though there are male leads but no lovey dovey scenes or even sweet moments since mostly are Thriller movies. I love her following flicks: The Negotiation - of course The Last Princess Truth Beneath The Pirates Bad Guys always die White Night Be with you For HB, I recommend these apart from his action flicks: I am Happy - his acting was amazeballs and also no female lead skinship since he is mentally ill. Come Rain Come Shine - surprisingly moving and no skinship since story was about couple who are parting ways These two are really are different as they choose not so popular romance storylines. They really hone their craft in acting choosing different genres and they accept those roles not for popularity but to showcase their acting skills and I commend them for that. Hope this helps, however i still miss them like crazy, i think im going mental!
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