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  1. It also reminds me about Ye-jin' s airport fashion style LOL. This photo was taken at the time she joined Infinite Challenge game show in 2014. At that time, she returned to Korea from Brazil for cheering Korean national soccer team playing at World Cup.
  2. OMG! I' m really happy to see this thread is allowed to be continued. Thank you admin so so much. Yesterday is a sad day without reading your thoughts and discussing with all of you. The happy things are coming today. <3 Today is really a good day. I have just read the latest interview from our SYJ after a long time no news. The way she replied the rumor is really intelligent. Good job, Ye-jin! She made my day. I totally agree with your part. Why does she directly refuse? She relies on Corona to avoid the rumor. This is the first time Ye-jin avoided it. Haha. Really strange! I' m too happy to read this interview.
  3. I heard that all of question must be sent to the agency and actor/ actress at least 2 weeks. They check and send back what they want to answer. That' s implicit rule in Korea industry.
  4. Hi! I agree with most of your comment except this sentence. Actually, MS Team, SYJ' s agency also denied the rumors as much as VAST. However, it came later than VAST. I dont know why many people misunderstand this problem. For me, denials dont make sense. The more they denied the higher truth I believe in the dating. Same same same!!!!!!!! Cant agree more.! So I pray for them everyday. When I wake up, I think about their relationship, When I go to bed, think about it again. Perfect couple! I really want to see they end up together in the future.
  5. Wow, 28th Feb 2020 right? I wonder where did he/she met Ye-jin. What a lucky fan!
  6. Does anyone know what was happened? I read her official fan site announcement today but I dont know the reason why?
  7. Yup! Hyun Bin has worked with Mediheal for 5 years. Ye-jin is the model for Ma:nyo Factory from 2019. Both of Mediheal and Ma:nyo factory are subsidiaries of L&P Cosmetics. OMG! What a nightmare! Poor you... But trust me, JHI is just one of her co-star. This never happens in real life.
  8. Haha. What an instersting question! I wonder that too. I want to inform that SYJ had a very busy and successful year in 2018 with 3 projects: Be with you, Something in the Rain and promotions for The Negotiation. It was easy to understand that she spent a lot of time to relax. However, it seems this is the first time her relaxation lasted so long. It may be from the beginning of Octorber 2018 (The Negotiation promotion' s ending) to 31 July 2019 (Crash On Landing You reading scripts). 10 months for relaxing. OMG! It' s not Son Ye-jin that I have known. People said that she is always working hard and she always got 2 projects each year. I have checked and it' s true. So she is so strange and silent from the end of The Negotiation' s promotion until now. She totally hide on instagram which we can find out any photos updated by her close friend. Lee Jung Hyun (LJH) - one of her best friends said that Son Ye-jin even came with LJH on her honeymoon. Because LJH' s wedding was on 8th April 2019. So I guess her honeymoon may occur in April or May 2019. At that time, Hyun Bin' s schedule was free (Correct me if I' m wrong, please). Do you think that she went to LJH' s honeymoon alone? LOL
  9. Guy! Please edit your post. "Last Warning: This thread will be locked down for a period of time for excessive image and video quoting which are against the rules if this warning is not heeded. " I dont want to see this thread is blocked!!!
  10. Yes, he did because it' s Son Ye Jin. There's no reason to change your routine unless it's someone you really care. Sure!!! I totally agree with you. Someone said that denies means no thing but for me, very quick denial from VAST means a lot. I strongly believe they are dating through the actions they are recently doing.
  11. Dont need to question that. It' s clear to understand the reason from SYJ. She is the kind of people who never mentioned her dating until wedding. We all know, she has not admitted any rumors of dating during 20 years. She wants to keep her clear image and she wishes fans to focus on her career.
  12. What a great idea! Thank for your suggestion. I will do it and update when I have time. In Vietnam, CLOY is extremely famous now. The infomation about this drama is updated day by day. About the talent, the beauty of the main or sub actors and actress, about the fashion, the love,... We are discussing about CLOY a lots. The firm really touches our heart. There are a lots of famous acticles updated the news related to this drama. We are really crazy with CLOY, especially with this cute couple. The film was also mentioned in the news of the national television in Vietnam. You know, hashtag #CrashOnLandingYouFinale is top 1 during the final ep in Vietnam. Until now, CLOY is still discussed on facebook a lots. Besides, hashtag #CrashOnLandingYouFinale is top 1 at Philipins, Thailand, Malaysia and Indo during the final ep. Therefore, hashtag #CrashOnLandingYouFinale is aslo top 1 world wide last Sunday. Besides, I heard that CLOY is attracted by Taiwanese, too. I feel that Asia are crazy about CLOY. I hope that HB and SYJ know that how this drama is extremely loved. Is there any way to let them know that? I think this will be the deserving award for both of them and the ekip of the CLOY.
  13. Hi, @binjinunnie I totally agree with your analysis after correcting the time HB ended up with KSR. It seems the exact timeline for this couple' s dating. I would like to add some opinions. I searched and saw all clips during the TN' s promotion during last week. It's easy to see that they' re not too much familier with each other at the beginning of the TN' s promotion. Long time after finishing TN' s recording may the reason they look so shy and not much comfortable together. However, in the middle of TN' s promotion (not sure to determined the exact time because I' m not sure which day the videos were released. I wish someone could collect and update us in order then I can analysis their attitude and body language better) something was changed. From the middle of TN' s promotion to now, all can see HB' s eyes which can' t hide. I' m sure that they are dating. 100% to be sure. I just hope they this fate will be ended by the wedding. Otherwise, I would be very sad. :((
  14. I have read this news from twitter. MS Team also denied yesterday. I googled to translated it in English but I forgot to tweet it. Btw, do you guys know which twitter accounts are updated SYJ' s information quickly and exactly? Please share me if you know. I want to follow to understand Ye-jin sis more. She is the most intersting actress that I have known. Hi, your explaination looks good. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. <3
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