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  1. I also ffwd their parts in tmpb, but I became a fan after reading PB, and happening to watch a few of Rb drama. Lots of critiques that the Chinese audience have is what international fans feel. Lol, do you guys wish for steamier scenes for them? Douyin, is that tiktok? Wow, I wonder how they sneak around to see each other? Tell those investigators ty for their efforts, lol. I hope we don't seem so delusional, but then again I've already set full sail, .
  2. I love thai fans!! I feel like they have the best content on Instagram related to PB. hehe.
  3. I have found this community to be very, respectful, peaceful and accepting of every opinion or view, so we are pleased to have you and any others who want to join. I hope that we remain this way, soo far we have flown under the radar of the crazy fans, probably bc many of us are international, is soompi allowed in China?
  4. Wow, that is so interesting, I wish I had the ability to understand Madarin. I am so amazed by this, thank you again for your detail and for explaining this to me. I am also wondering how Eternal Love of Dream or PB was received in China? You said the shippers grew by 10x?! A lot of us became shippers bc of gg and mm's portrayal of DHDJ and FJ, and were drawn in by seeing their chemistry which we felt(hope?)was bc of something in real life, hehehe. When did you first start shipping them?
  5. Thank you for joining us, and for taking your time to enlighten us. You mentioned that on weibo if you're careful about ships, you can discuss them, I'm not from China and don't understand internet culture there, are there tags that are used, certain people you follow etc? Or nicknames to refer to them?
  6. Hmm, I am just speculating but since getting on this ship, I keep thinking that they are waiting to go "live" bc of their respective careers, and DR, said that after 30 she wanted to get married and start a family, so maybe we will find out at that time if the person who she would be starting a family with is GWG . Should we all prepare red envelopes for them then? Lol, maybe not real ones with money but ones filled with our well wishes and congratulations.
  7. Maybe they changed his wig from the one they used in the drama and I feel like in ELOD sometimes they make the effort to lighten his brows with brow gel, and sometimes they dont. Also, promo pics are usually shot at the beginning before filming and changes tend to happen in production to the costumes/make up/hair as they film etc.
  8. I need to go back and see if I can catch this. TY to those eagle eyed fans!!
  9. Lol, I thought it meant actual exploring too. I thought, "oh, sounds fun!!"
  10. Here you thirsty people go, there was likely a little exchanging of here. I could go as far as drawing them in, but I can't. Someone else can take the initiative
  11. NP! I am in my early 30's, lol, but thanks for thinking I'm under 18. So I can enjoy all that mature content to my heart's content. c( ~_ • )ɔ <------ DH's infamous one eyed stare Hmmm, Yeah, I wondered why they said he has a cameo? Maybe he doesn't show up until later? Maybe that's why? My body and mind are ready for "grungy" VG, lol also, do you think he had to wear that muscle undershirt lol like when he was SXR? Seems like he bulked for wrath of time series, but lost a lot of the muscle by the time he filmed ELOD.
  12. Also, not sure if you've seen this yet starting April 1st, his new drama airs:
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