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  1. They did, but you have to search for it under the Chinese name and buy it separately, if you are V I P I think, also no subs.
  2. @mblgoh & @teletubby lala Thanks! I'll think about it a little more, and research other actor's pages first! Want to do it right ofc. Does anyone know where I can get the bgm along with the OST? I've been trying to find the music to buy but have no idea where, the original YT mv there's voice over, and other videos I found the quality of the song is low, there's several compilation videos which is nice but I want the orig.
  3. Thanks for this! I was thinking of just creating actors pages, I don't think I could manage a fb page! Nor do I have any information that I could provide or updates etc. esp since I don't speak mandarin.
  4. So busy lately, haven't had time to chat with you all, but love to pop in here and see how you are all doing! Gonna take some time to rewatch ep. 29 - 32 as the subs are out. TSP isn't over yet for some of us. Does anyone want to or know how we can start a forum page dedicated solely for our lead actors, so we can follow their future works?
  5. Thank you friends!! This was the sweetness we needed. Don't have Google to help me, but from what you guys have posted I have a good idea.
  6. @hmrhn I'm in the same boat!! Am traveling without reliable internet (aaagghh) and was hoping today wasn't the day, bc I'll be late in watching it, and won't be able to jump onto here!!!
  7. I also would like to believe that XY would not commit suicide, but also, being realistic he would get worn down more and more after time passed, he just seems so lifeless at that point, I think the switching of wardrobe shows the "fantasy" which is Mr.GS, sweetly and patiently taking his wife on adventures even though she's comatose, but the reality is XY, in the black robe, feeling despair after CY has not woken up. The montage of him after he brings her back, he still has hope, he thinks maybe the scent of their flower will wake her, eating wontons from the shop where they sweetly fed each o
  8. I've only been able to confrim an epilogue, or addition episode, not sure how long it will be. I haven't been able to verify more than that.
  9. Are we being emotionally manipulated by Mango to pay more for the epilogue? Very likely. I didn't realize it was them that started the "early access" VIP trend. It's pretty despicable to end the show like this, whule dangling a happy ending but with conditions,, but what can we do? Does anyone find it funny that their message is basically more money will bring about a happy ending? JK, I'm just a bit bitter. I'm actually paying for VIP even though the subs suck, but to me it's about supporting the work of the production crew and showing that they have value, esp. productions like these, I wi
  10. So, I went to sleep, woke up saw many different updates but first, thanks @WinCee recapping ep. 33! There is an epilogue? Other comments said there are actually 41 episodes, What?! I watched the raws and have so many questions, from ep 34 & 35 but I also skipped quite a bit, so could have missed scenes:
  11. I'm pretty bummed out. I'm happy to have all of you to share a drama I really enjoyed. Thanks to everyone for taking this ride, spending time and efforts in the forum. I willingly kept up, even though there wasn't a guarantee it would be happy at the end. It's late where I'm from, so I'm heading to bed.
  12. The episodes are available to only the Chinese audience to purchase early, they won't be released to international audience until next week.
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