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  1. https://www.celebritybiolist.com/actress/son-ye-jin-crash-landing-on-you-lifestyle-boyfriend-family-car-height-age-biography-2019/

    I saw 2 interesting facts 

    1. They have been a couple since 2018...this may or may not be true...But 

    2. SYJ is a Catholic in her religion so if this is true, and if she and HB were to become an item, he would have to let her continue practising the faith (though he need not convert just to marry her.) Side note: I read that Rain converted to Catholicism before he married Kim Tae Hee.



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  2. 3 hours ago, Annie12 said:

    Also i need to say this

    If i was in  YSJ's place i wouldn't want my man to star in a romantic comedy with another actress except for my self.  The same applies if i were HB.

    I understand they are actors but in their age they usually dont do romcom.

    I think i wouldn't care less about the rumors and just go for it. :D:wub:




    Lee Dong Wook and Yoo Inna (They are HB’s and SYJ’s age too) did a romcom a year back in “Touch Your Heart”. Nothing came out of it too though their chemistry was good.

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