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  1. Yes you’re quite right about that, a lot of us believe similarly but that said as much as it’s SYJ, I dont think that this decision is unilateral. It takes two to tango after all. Also, not sure if my earlier statement suggests otherwise, just stating my observation that they have taken a more calculated approach, knowing full well the risks that surround them.
  2. Oh my my, if this is our version of the drought, gimme some more please! I don't even know where to begin! It looks almost sure that SYJ is doing the CF for SMART so it's definitely hard to look past it. I think it's really sweet if it really does work out because it shows that while they have their own respective things going on, it seems like it's important for them to include each other wherever possible, it's like they are making their schedule work around each other and if that's not a committed relationship then what is!! It also implies their stability as a couple and they h
  3. Speaking of there is this running joke about JHI being their son lol and I guess it fits here too esp I just read the comments under that tweet about that comment HB made about wanting his son to wear the same clothes as him LMAO. But also can we talk for a second about how that sweater filled out his chest so perfectly (it’s not even his best outfit in CLOY) I never really noticed it until I saw the JHI pic next to it................
  4. Pretty convinced that they have a lot of babe time so I have no intention of fighting you but can I move in there at Delulu Island? Cause I’m already....
  5. CLOY IS THE GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING!!!!! Also am I seeing things or DID SHE ALSO KISS HIS HAND??? WHY WERE THESE ZOOMED OUT, i’ll never be over it But at least it happened
  6. I found a live footage of all of us here after realising: - HB will finally be leaving to Jordan on 13 July and most likely not be back for SIDA or his birthday - not knowing when the next time we will ever see BinJin together in public - Having to recycle contents from TN and CLOY era until God knows when to survive the drought - Trying to be patient for THE confirmation and be reminded to ship responsibly because BinJin do not owe us anything and can take all the time they need/want - the rest of the world telling us to move on from CLOY
  7. @September 22@binjin Thank you for sharing this very important research . I was just reading that and thinking that he’s just looking into the BTS (which aren’t even our biggest receipts! - cause some people could always say yeah they work together so they look friendly like many other co stars who look cute after CUT), imagine what he has to say about those off cam moments like TN promos and swoon and of course the grocery. It’s so painfully obvious but we really need it to be more obvious for a peace of mind lol.
  8. Thanks for sharing these here! Agree as well with @eLizza. I feel like my heart melted when watching that vid compilation of HB admiration of SYJ, almost purely for how in awe of her he is of her passion and work, which really strikes me. Sadly, I feel like I can understand SYJ when she said that men don't like her for her thoroughness (not sure if there's a better word for it, could be loose translation) but basically many men can easily feel intimidated by women who hold strong opinions and not afraid to challenge others. But then there's HB who seems to fall for her BECAUSE of that, so how
  9. In all fairness, she did say “I think” so it’s not like she is assuming them as facts per se. So perhaps it’s best to refrain from calling people out unnecessarily. I thought twice about responding to this but I am just not for having this passive aggressive energy in this forum.
  10. My BinJin @$$ is really just thinking how proud HB must be of her *sheds tear* Don’t you think she talked to him about this, asking for his opinion and whatnot??? COUPLE TINGZ ya know. and he basically gives a testimonial about how she is the most wonderful and how he always knew that she is destined for great things and he could not be happier to be beside her all the way Besides, guess who’s gonna be her plus one on the red carpet winkwink. And surely HB is gonna continue to be winning as well in so many other ways. He’s high class naaa, just like his woman. So
  11. WHEEEE HAPPY 1K fellow shoppers!! Thank you for making this forum so lively and wonderful and to @cybertron and co. that started us off in this much needed haven for us here! Anyway to mark this milestone, not sure if this has been shared before, but I frickin love this, and surely I can't be the only FRIENDS fan here credit to the twitter user queenyejins for this vid, it's ON POINT. https://twitter.com/queenyejins/status/1275688656343379968?s=20 Also WHEN the announcement finally happens, BinJin be like "Yes, we're in love!" We be like to them:
  12. Came across this and just laughed. She was literally going to be handed the same poster but she just had to do THAT. How are we seriously expecting any kind of announcement of them when she keeps trolling people like this for a living, I can’t. Hyun Bin-ssi, how many times do you let her prank you on a daily basis, your life is clearly full of jams now huh. and just like HB, we seem to love her more for it
  13. @celest1al Nyawww thank you so much! Hehe really appreciate your time and effort in making our receipts better than they already are. Defo adds more meaning and it’s too precious thinking how dear SYJ is to HB in such a way that “simple” compliments make him react this way. But dang - this man is adorbs. Was just looking at this again today: Not only did he smile, he smiled while looking down, and THEN that eye gesture he made sort of just confirms how smitten he is!!! Shyness much, must be thinking oh only if you knew what happens between my close friend and m
  14. Credits to binjinsgrocery. “I like girls who love to laugh. Because I’m very dull, if my girlfriend is also dull, it should be very boring if we are together.” Omg, could he have found anyone as perfect of a fit as SYJ for this Ugh they are so meant to be it hurts. It’s so cute that he self-professed himself as dull lol but little does he know he has the ability to make SYJ laugh like nobody’s business. I love that SYJ sees him more than he seems to think himself of, what a healthy relationship. Their love is
  15. Time for throwback Thursday. Have an important research question: what in the world can be so funny about sharing popcorn with your close friend? What a bunch of flirts I just remembered they bought popcorn during their grocery date, k.
  16. Wow who else is thinking that SYJ chose the Swoon compliment me just to scam HB on her compliment while he actually thought it was an opportunity to get a sincere compliment out of his woman. He underestimated the clownery of his woman LMAO this banter they have, we LOVE this couple.
  17. Apparently, they both can break the internet just by breathing. She could post a picture of a plain white wall and this fandom will pull out a scroll of analysis for what it means. Lol BinJin nation is so extra ISTG
  18. Did Ye Jin-ssi just throw us a kiss to reassure us that we are going to get through July - September together or is she showing off that she will be giving Hyun Bin-ssi babe time and cope just fine while we suffer out here wondering how they really are doing and we are going to manage the drought...? She really is a prankster......
  19. For sure THEY will be ok. It’s us that I’m worried about This is us July - September:
  20. https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/now/article/382/0000832312?lfrom=twitter Can’t read this at all haha but apparently he’s off to Jordan in July. Drink lots of water chingus, this summer the drought about to be real long
  21. Thanks for this. omg I love that answer, it highlights how profound their love is, through her attraction to him, she changed for the better SOBS. “So he’s worth more than a heartbreak.” Cries. Couldn’t have had a perfect RJH and YSR than HB and SYJ.
  22. Same, I am inclined towards this view as well. It is unlike SYJ to slip up such information - I feel as though HB coming into her filming set is something quite intimate and it didn’t seem their relationship was that as yet at the time? But that time there seemed to be something blooming already, maybe quite slowly. @dreamerofRIRI As for this, If Im not mistaken the crew came up with a banner of some sort to cheer her on and probably their interactions during the promo made him deduce that, rather than him having met them before at the set. But that moment was a big “more than co-s
  23. This is what it feels like sometimes when coming back to check on the forum here...... lol Jokes aside, does it really matter who got cast first guys? I mean it would be nice to know the backstory and stuff but from what I am reading, it led to discussion about star power and I find that to be pretty irrelevant. It doesn’t make one superior or inferior over the other, what matters more is that their combination proved to be the lethal one that has won over the hearts and minds of people across the globe. Really can’t imagine anyone else playing either of the roles! Certainly its im
  24. Totally. Previously, I kept telling myself ok the announcement may not come in a long time, just wait it out. But now I’m like... it HAS TO happen this month right??? Haha. Jokes aside, of course their lives don’t revolve to our liking, we are just waiting and praying desperately and wishing them all the happiness they deserve
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