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  1. I think it's because of personality attraction I read the novel and was also awaiting the drama to air. Then I dropped that because of the actress. I don't anti her or so but I don´t know why I cannot stand her after I got stuck with Riba Fans of AOL, please don¨t get offended by my comment. As I said, it's all about personality attraction.
  2. Just off topic for a moment. Is anyone here watch Carmen Sandiego? It´s a Netflix animated action serie. I would love to see Riba and Vengo in a movie like this one Just my wish.
  3. Sisca: That´s sad to hear. I think there is a software calls Ultrasurf that can help you guys "jump" over the wall. Why don´t you check it out. Best regards, CN
  4. Hi guys! If you want to help PB get higher views please use the mainland wetv site . There's no english sub but since I do watch the film on english wetv site when the new eps come out but by doing so I do not contribute anything to help raising the view rate. So I will open this film everyday in my computer and let it plays on with the sound muted . This is my little support for the team and for RB and VG. This is the link that the views will be counted. Other site views won't be counted. https://v.qq.com/x/cover/vooy2m9hi5p1jqm/t0033kzotfe.html Btw, I have all my devices running the film by now. 2 laptops 1 TV 1 mobile 1 computer They're all running PB on wetv chinese. I know, I know, PB is my obsession.
  5. Hi guys, I am sorry not being here and answer any questions. Here is a link to guide you translate a page using different web browsers. https://www.wikihow.com/Translate-a-Web-Page I hope this help. Best regards.
  6. If you want to vote for PB on douban. Do as I do: 1) Use the website if you don't have the app https://movie.douban.com/ 2) Use "translate this page" function if your language is other than chinese 3) Register with your telephone, select countrycode from the list 4) Select 3 or 4 films/series to vote before voting for PB. Write your comment in English or in your language 5) Vote and comment for PB. Right now PB has 5.5 on douban which is so annoying. So please vote if you can.
  7. Ahhhh...can't do anything while waiting eps 27&28. I cannot stop rewatch eps 25&26. 5 times already
  8. When I was reading the book, I couldn't figure out how could FC not noticing other people behind DH when she walked in the office hall and demanded DJ to return her bracelet. In the film this scene was made persuasively well with the construction of the office hall (2 floors) that makes the situation in the book more reasonable.
  9. Hello everyone! I am glad to be here. This forum saves my heart from Riba haters' toxicity. I was never into any actress this much as I do with Riba (accept Maggie Siu in the 90th ) I was not Riba fan but have found myself doing the following stuffs, such I would never care before. -Register on forum (this one) to share my feelings about Riba and her films - Tried so hard to vote on Douban (I cannot read chinese so I use "translate this page" function to be able to vote and I comment in english). First time ever in my life doing such an action. - Ignore watching other series - Search and watch any TV programs that has Riba participation. I have fallen for this couple since their appearance on TMOPB and I couldnot stop rewatching the cuts whenever I feel sad. I must say that I am deeply addicted to the lovely acting of Riba and Vengo as FJ & DJ. Can't wait to see the next episodes of this amazing film with you guys. Just ignore the haters.
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