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  1. You guys... I had no idea that hyun bin and Daniel henney acted together in Kim Sam Soon. I admit i haven't seen that drama yet. So i just stumbled upon some photos of him and HB together and they really look like they bonded nicely. Henney has a great personality, also humble like HB. I follow only Henney on IG out of all the American actors. So i was thinking that maybe last year when HB was in LA he and SY visited him at his house? . I bet that HB still keeps in touch with him.
  2. @Riri forever i haven't seen any knet reaction yet, but i read that international fans are mostly happy for these couples, as they should be.
  3. As marriage announcements are raining in the korean ent industry in these past few days, I hope our lovebirds will jump the wagon too
  4. Could this be her sister and her family? She has a little kid.
  5. I read in some article that hyun bin was paid minimum about 100.000$ per episode in CLOY and on top of that he receives royalties from netflix (150.000$) for every overseas streaming. So he hit a jackpot with CLOY. He will get at least 2-3 mil out of it. I think it's normal that they got so many CF and sponsorship offers. Every drama is like a showcase for actors for future endorsments. That's where the (easy) money is and every celebrity dreams about receiving such offers. Had some random thoughts today... It's going to be 3 years since HB's last relationship. Has he ever been single for this much time? with all the travelling for filming and staying in hotels some bonding time between them two must have happened.
  6. Watching Tros can be dangerous, it really makes you want to have a baby so i really hope they do watch it together i hope they see it as a practice lol Does anyone know who nominated SY for this challenge?
  7. Omgggg i can't believe she tagged HaO Kang... He is like the smartest child i have ever seen. I started watching The return of superman because of him. I totally agree with you who said that hyun bin suggested him being tagged since HaO saw him in the newspaper. that episode was really funny. And in the next episode guest star will be Song Ga In, trot singer that made ost for CLOY
  8. I guess hyun bin won't be attending the award ceremony because of his filming schedule if he goes to Jordan?? ... But i hope they all make it. Would be lovely to see them together on the red carpet
  9. Hi, is this meant among the actresses on that forbes list or in korea in general? Because she has only 2.5mil followers and there are actresses who have much more followers than that in SK.
  10. Agree with this, to me she does give of that vibe of wanting to have the upper hand most of the time. Still love her though.
  11. Wonder who sent the truck? Finished watching Personal taste with SY and noticed that they used her real childhood photos in one of the episodes and they included her real life competitiveness when it comes to board games.
  12. If she's been golfing too we will see later when she resurfaces with some tan lines on her hands
  13. @Giang it seemed to me that in that rampant video he was just following journalists who were asking questions from different sides of the room. I had no idea that Seo Dan was also in that movie...based on their interactions in CLOY i thought they had just met.
  14. On this same IG profile there is a video of an IV where she says she wants to be married twice @jinjingreat article! She is smart. I think that the house that was aired in master of the house is not even her real house but a decoy house where she rarely stays. To me personally it seemed a bit too bland. I feel like in reality she lives in a gated huge private luxurious villa
  15. OMG!!!! I just Googled the filming sites and he was filming in my hometown, less than 100feet from my work place! ! i had no idea, now i must go watch moth right away.
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