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  1. Hi guys..is it true that the swoon would have couch talk only for our king and queen? I mean only the two of them not with another cast like jenga play last time? thankyouuuu
  2. Hiiii guyss finally ive a time for posting in these thread bcs im being silence reader all of this time lol so happy that so many ppl sailing these ship <3 to wait until friday i make a short video of our couple, this is from my fave bts, maybe all of you have a lot see a smiliar vid but yaaa i just want to share with you guys hope this vid coul put smile on your facesss <333
  3. hello, i really enjoy to read this forum and i found your post. Am sure its HB's hands, bcs i can see the colour of his suit, and on that scene, HB trying to fix up the chicken, but he did it with his left hands . he tryin so hard to fix the chicken only with one hands, even though he could fix it with both hands but his right hands is on YJ's hands, they're holding hands.and there YJ say 'did you actually film this?' And HB's face is kinda shock, thats why IM SO SURE hahaha a real feeling couldnt be hidden :))
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