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  1. http://www.starmometer.com/2020/04/22/mostbeautifulwoman2020-battle-round-deepika-padukone-vs-jennie-kim-vs-dilraba-dilmurat/ Go vote for Dilreba here.You can vote as much as you want.You can vote several times after refreshing the page
  2. The Negotiation had a lot of stage greetings in all parts of Korea.CLOY only had interviews.I wish they are in a movie again and do a lot of stage greetings.Or maybe a drama would be better since the filming is long.
  3. https://www.kdramapal.com/the-world-of-the-married-surpasses-highest-ratings-reply-1988-goblin-mr-sunshine/ Wait.... This quick?!It is going to take CLOY's place in all cable television channels history
  4. https://www.pep.ph/guide/tv/150706/angel-locsin-piolo-pascual-vs-cloy-paragliding-scene-which-show-did-it-better-a2670-20200409 CLOY start (paragliding into North Korea) is Phillipines drama remake? Of course to answer.....CLOY did it better.
  5. Both second leads r getting their own dramas as first leads now.....N Seo Ji Hye's drama will air on May4.
  6. A Li is a white dragon- BaiQian's white skin(fur)+ YeHua's dragon BaiGunGun is a silver nine tailed fox - Fengjiu's nine tailed fox + DongHua's silver hair.I thought he would be a rock immortal like DongHua before I wonder how TQ will name BaiGunGun.After all GunGun is a nickname. So ALi is the next crown prince of Nine Heavens and GunGun will be the next fox king?So he will be QingQiu Prince or the next Emperor(Dijun)?
  7. He is finally getting his lead role after the success of Gu Seung Joon!!!N looking forward to “Shall We Have Dinner together".He will reunite with Seo Ji Hye there...Since the articles said they will continue their romance so will he appears as her ex or friend or sth like that? I know this drama is not even half popular than CLOY but I just don't want it to take CLOY's place as 2nd highest rated drama in cable television history.N I can see CLOY is still internationally popular even now. Philippines celebs r covering OSTs and even trying to support their local actors if there will be a local remake in Philippines.Anyway CLOY is a wish comes true....22% for HyunBin.....Can't they just appear in a variety show together or do some commercial together.I see some pics of buses in S.Korea where they stick HB and SYJ pics with “Mediheal×Mango".Can't they just film Mediheal×Mango in real life as well.They look nice when they filmed for the last day which they took pics for those photo shopped pics of Switzerland house.N we all can see his hands....
  8. Cuz celeb couples do it,don't they?Even the former Song Song couple did.N many others did post photos and have top chemistry and then denied all romance rumors but in the end, they were all together.
  9. https://inquirersuper.com.ph/super-k/breaking-yoon-se-ris-and-captain-ri-jeong-hyeok-confirm-dating-news/ I got tricked completely.I thought it is in real life.But it turned out to be Yoon Se Ri and Ri Jeong Hyuk.Crying on Gangnam streets, eating chicken with five strange men, hugging, movie together, intimate dinner.....Got fooled really
  10. Do u guys know both HyunBin and SonYeJin have Weibo....It is just that HyunBin had posted some pics but SonYeJin hasn't post a single thing
  11. Does weibo has them as well?I do have a Weibo acc but I don't have Bilibili acc
  12. It has always been.FJ even changed that short knife picture when she was a red spiritual fox of DH.N Jiheng lied by saying she did it. I felt relieved when FJ bit her.
  13. https://www.jaynestars.com/news/third-installment-for-three-lives-three-worlds-in-the-making/ The third sequel but it is very different from the books? The 3rd book is LianSong&Chengyu.The 4th book is Moyuan&a girl from Demon Clan. But where do these ZheYan and XuanNu reappear again after being gone in the pillow book.N the actor who played ZheYan in Ten Miles of peach blossoms played YanChiWu in Pillow Book. N he and Jiheng r a couple now.I just hope Fengjiu and DongHua's wedding will be shown and their life will be shown even if it is just a little and BaiGunGun and their new little princess as well.I just hope they will get supporting roles for the third sequel and they both will accept it.N YangMi for cameo.
  14. I don't think so.... Cuz even 2books names r officially out.N both books main stories r already revealed.I think TQ finished writing or like finished drafts and it just need to be released or add or delete some stories.Or not TQ wouldn't say FJ and DH are having a little princess if she hasn't write the story.Maybe around like 5years. N I though about the flowers for the sequel according to the books names TMOPB - Peach Blossoms PB - Foling Flower (imaginary flower) 三生三世步生蓮(Three Lives Three Worlds Walking Lotus?)(LianSong&Chengyu) - Lotus 三生三世菩提劫(Three Lives Three Worlds Bodhi Fate)(Moyuan&Demon clan girl) - Bodhi Tree TQ named it Bodhi Fate but that word 劫 means misfortune, the word that means fate is 緣 Hope the upcoming drama will have the same Fengjiu, DongHua, LianSong, Chengyu(from Pillow Book) Just look at when Su MoYe disguised as DongHua wearing that white wig.We can all tell no one can rock that white haired DongHua other than Vengo Gao.N no one can play the role of cute,childish nine tailed red fox Fengjiu.Just think about the actress playing Jiheng played the role of Fengjiu(she is the owner of the rights of the Pillow Book drama), that would not be that good like Dilreba right.
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