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  1. If I remember what I have seen correctly, the boat scene that we got as the final teaser yesterday doesn't match with what we saw some weeks back. Earlier, Gungun was playing on his own on the other side of the boat and then later, Fengjiu and Donghua clean his hands for him. This was not seen in yesterday's teaser. Do correct me if I am wrong and can someone look for that previous teaser of the boat scene? @Yori Ten can you bring this up on Weibo, please?
  2. I put it up on Facebook on all the ELOD groups and pages that I know, whether or not I understood the language used in those pages. And in the comments section on every ELOD posts that I saw on IG. After all doing all that I took a break for 3 days and here I am again.
  3. Found a goody. It's the deleted scenes that were supposed to be seen in the beginning of the drama. Introduction to Donghua and his generals that Liansong mentioned to Mengshao in Fanyin Valley (some scenes are from some other drama according to some fans who commented on that post)
  4. I guess so too. We also did not get to see how they got out. Donghua said there were two options: One was to make ChenYe realised that his efforts are futile and make him do whatever was necessary to get out. If this option fails, Chenye has to die and Donghua will destroy the dream to get out. ChenYe died but we didn't get to see how they got out. I feel like this scene was also badly edited.
  5. @Ninky and everyone in the translation team, thank you all so much for translating the epilogue of PB. But did the epilogue have only one chapter or is the 4 chapters mentioned by Ninky a different one? If both are the same, then I am hoping and wishing that there are more to translate. I am hungry for more. I am getting greedy more and more each day. Reading up on DH's shamelessness and naughty side everyday is my daily dose of vitamin these days. So I hope you will all understand me.
  6. I opened the link excitedly to read the goodies inside but saw only Chinese characters. I wasn't disappointed but instead I had a good laugh at myself. Saying this, I feel like I am DH in the scene where DongHua excitedly ran to Feng Jiu to have the soup she prepared for him. Can someone who can read Chinese please translate it?
  7. Found a similar one. And as the caption reads, let your imagination run wild. All the best! Hahaha
  8. As of now , I think the subs on both the sites are the same. I came across a lot of grammatical mistakes when I was watching the first few episodes on Rakuten Viki. Also, I've noticed WeTv correcting the errors for Eng subtitle. So wait for a while longer till all the episodes are released.
  9. Now that you mentioned about anime , I suddenly remembered what i forgot to share. I came across this on IG. Do check it out.
  10. Donghua took Fengjiu's words too seriously. If only she had not said that, I am sure he would have explained himself about all that had happened to her and she would have forgiven him for sure and his wish to spend his last days with her would have been fulfilled. And yes, I hope we get to see all the uncut version.
  11. *My thoughts and confessions after completing both the series. I just finished binge watching all the remaining 8 episodes till the end. Sitting in my seat for 8 hours without getting up shows how much I love these two characters. 2 years back, I watched TMOPB because of DH & FJ. But it was DH's character and looks that caught my attention. I like FJ too, especially her persistent and cute nature. I found their first meeting epic. Donghua looked super cool and I imagine myself to be Fengjiu. As for Yehua and Bai Qian, their story was interesting too but it was more like a bonus side story for me. Oh yes, I like their steamy scenes, Ali's scenes and whenever I get to see Bai Qian's badass side. Also, the previous Zheyan was quite interesting too (the new cast in ELOD looks too young. Zheyan, if what I read up on him is not wrong , he should be around the age of FJ's grandfather.) Anyway, since TMOPB was the first Chinese drama that I watched and as the plot was written quite well, I got addicted to it after coming across a few clips on Facebook by chance. But the timing was really not good. I was binge watching it continuously for 3 days during my exam without ever stepping out of my room and without getting any sleep. I lost track of time completely and ended up missing one paper which I have to write it next month . But this time, I'm quite fortunate as I have nothing much to do (which also explains why I am active almost 24/7 on this thread). I am glad that ELOD got released during my free days and I am so happy to see Donghua & Fengjiu again. But what made me happiest the most was that I got to see Donghua kissing Fengjiu many times( I had hoped and prayed for DH to give a proper kiss on the lips to FJ atleast once in TMOPB). Their first proper and rolling on the bed kiss was my favourite and I was so surprised. I rewatched that scene many times.Even the second kiss where DH took the initiative and gave an open mouth kiss to FJ before putting her to sleep made me feel envious of FJ. Hahaha... I wish I were in their world. I wanted to marry CangYi too. Such a fine gentleman. I felt a little sad when Fengjiu rejected him and destroyed his palace. I enjoy watching Fengjiu+Siming cute scenes, Liansong & Donghua's interactions and Yan Chiwu's cute and stupid nature and the way he walks. Ali's acting was good but his/her voice sounded quite irritating. (I think I have mentioned this before in one of my comments). Lastly, I am so glad that they included Bai Gungun- the fruit of Donghua&Fengjiu's love for each other. He is such a cutie and his voice sounds so adorable. I wanted to squeeze his cheeks when he said to Donghua that he was so good-looking. I am pretty sure that Donghua must be so proud of himself for his goodlooks after hearing what his son said. That's all I wanted to say for now. This chat thread is something that I always look forward to everytime I open my eyes. It's getting very late here. I need to get some sleep. Goodnight, everyone !
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