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  1. Hi all, Does anyone know who own this ig account @_hb_yj ? Can you tell her not to tag SYJ & Vast ig, to respect Syj & Hb privacy, coz i already msg her on ig but she didnt read it, and still continue to post hb syj photo and tag their accounts. Somepeople also ask her to not tag them but she ignores it, im wondering if she don't understand english or ...? We are all on the same boat on shipping the couple but we have to be considerate and not tag them on every ig post, thanks https://instagram.com/_hb_yj?igshid=1ofvscrk3mg56
  2. Hi i was jus being curious. We ever talked about hb’s bodyguard accompanying syj to her friend’s wedding before. I tot it was sweet for hb to especially assign his bodyguard for syj. But someone in twitter posted a picture of JHIwith the same bodyguard. It makes me sad and wonder if its normal for celebrities to share bodyguard in SK or is there like a bodyguard agency randomly assigned to different celebrities. Thankss Here's the twitter link :
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