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  1. On 6/8/2020 at 11:01 AM, forumsoomp said:

    To say CLOY has been robbed of awards is incorrect.  They were nominated under several categories and at least they won a total of 4 awards:

    Best New Supporting Actress; 

    Best Icon Award;

    Best Actress Popularity Award

    Best Actor Popularity Award


    Be consoled  and be fair that it is way impossible to sweep all the awards under CLOY, all the judges will be bruisedly bashed by Netizens and other fans.  If  some CLOY fans are still sore about it, then lodge an official complaint directly to Baeksan Group otherwise there is endless grouses.

    Just remember :   "One man's meat is another man's poison"  no one can agree & think alike that CLOY's team is only the best in South Korea and accept the reality that you win some & lose some but cannot win all.


    @forumsoomp no one has said any of what you were saying in the quote. You sound like you are scolding for nothing. I will stick to what I said that it is unthinkable that CLOY didnt win even just one major award. I wonder why you are saying things that are uncalled for. Again, no one here said any of what youre talking about.


    Also whats with the article that looks like youre trying to educate us how winners were selected? What are you really up to? 

    Maybe you're mistaken. Perhaps it would be better if you try in a different thread where your advises will sound befitting.


    i agree with you @eLizza.

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  2. Pyo chi soo deserved to be nominated as best supporting actor. But i was surprised cheol gang  was not nominated.


    Cloy hit the globe by storm, i think thats enough proof that Cloy is deserving of award. Many expressed that Cloy is just overrated but i disagree. It wont gain such recognition and reception all around the world if it is not that good. Did any of the other dramas nominated impacted the world like Cloy? I dont think so. It is unthinkable that Cloy didnt get any major award. 

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  3. Hi shippers! Or should I say shoppers. Im new here, and i was a bit confused that some call themselves shippers, and some greet others as shoppers. As i lurked i eventually picked it up. Shoppers is linked to the grocery shopping incident before. That's so cute and witty. Like you, i also cheer SYJ and HB. Im jumping on the bandwagon heehee.


    i saw SYJ in the movie the classic way back and i immediately admired her for her acting skills and uncommon beauty. I first saw HB in MLKSS, he was funny and very good looking. Both have strong charisma. Fast forward 2020, i was surprised but also approving of their pairing. Then I got hooked to CLOY and i learned that they did the negotiation movie prior. I couldnt explain what i felt for them, i was regretful that they only got paired and got to know each other really well and became close recently. But maybe, that is how it should really be. Fate crossed their roads this time.


    i will always cheer them on and wish them all the best. I hope HB will win best actor award soon, he deserves it, he is very good in acting. For The melo queen, i dont know what else can i wish for her. I wish them both happiness and success in every way.


    like many of you, ive seen clips of their press cons, bts, promotional videos etc. During Nego promotions, HB was gentlemanly as expected of him. I also observed his shyness towards SYJ in his demeanor. But also protectiveness in unexpected matters during press cons. I noticed in full length interviews and press cons how he would stare a lot and long to SYJ not one but many times. He is very attentive to what SYJ would say. Seems like HB admires SYJ a lot. He lauds SYJs acting skills and is inspired because of it. As for melo queen, her eye smile is just captivating. I couldnt read much about this delicate damsel during that period. I think she is just being SYJ herself. But when i learned about her back to back ig posts with HB, i could see that she enjoyed his company and is fond of him. At first, i thought it might be just to promote the movie but.. if im not mistaken, she was not like that with her other co stars before. The ig posts with HB were cute and have lovey dovey vibe. As for HB, i looked into his press cons, interviews with other actresses but he didnt behave the way he did when he was with SYJ.


    what i observed in their promotional videos for cloy and the bts is how they are comfortable around each other. The gazes of HB upon SYJ are still there, but this time when they talk to each other or to the interviewers, the conversation just flows. Unconsciously they make those "gestures" toward each other that will just make those who see swoon. They would pull pranks (that are rather sweet) on each other, they are very natural when they act together. They obviously have become closer to each other.


    at the end of cloy, wrap up party and currently, i observed that they are very careful with their actions. The carefree and fond attitude seems restrained.


    as they become busier in separate projects, i hope they will remain in constant communication, get together even in groups. I think theyve become very good friends. Besides, theyre both agreeable that they can relate well with each other, they have many things in common. If they are dating or not, that i couldnt say. Nonetheless, i am hopeful for good and promising things for BinJin in the future.

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  4. When I think about the success of CLOY, I just cant attribute Or credit the success to a single person or to one aspect of the show. It always have to be all of it. It's like everything fell into the right place and worked! The OTP, the second leads, the supporting cast, the ducklings, the ahjummas, the village people, the kids, yoon family, Ri family, Seri's assistants, the villains, the conmen, seo dan's family, the military men, the NIS agents, the cameos, the shooting venues, the OST, the cinematography, the screen play, the production crew, the technical team, The writer, the director, the tropes, the concept, the storyline, the epilogues, the cliffhangers, the character development shown, the lessons, the portrayal of the different faces of love... were all AMAZING! I think I cannot exhaust the list. Everyone and everything about CLOY is just spot on and awesome!

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  5. 59 minutes ago, TotoroSY said:

    I thot the CLOY fever on social media will slow down after finale episode but wow, it hasn’t! I clicked on the CLOY hashtag on twitter and more and more new top tweets are coming out. Usually top tweets tend to be older ones but not for CLOY! Many declared they’ve just finished watching it, starting watching it or asking if they should watch it LOL! 


    I feel like like a proud parent reading all those articles about CLOY’s worldwide impact! I was hesitant at first to call it worldwide and just say Asia or international success, but now even the global media like CNN, Associated Press, BBC and ABC is paying attention!


    New people are falling in love with RiRi couple, the ducklings, ahjummas, 2nd OTP etc etc. the production team is being approached by international media for interviews and data! CLOY seems to be Number 1 most streamed on Netflix across many countries - that’s an amazing feat since there are many other well-known programs on Netflix.


    Hope it continues to generate interest for the next 6 months at least loL!,


    @TotoroSY Cloy is definitely sending ripples worldwide and getting a lot of attention. So happy for them. Surely it will be a turning point for many things. :) 

    39 minutes ago, Dana T said:

    Just occured to me that possibly the reason us fellow soompians are having a hard time moving on aside from the obvious that it was an amazingly written directed and well acted drama with an awesome cast...is the fact that we are still holding out for closure on "our theory" of their real life secret interest in each other. I feel like based on most posts I've read here I can speak for the majority of us in saying that. We enjoyed the drama now what would make it complete is to find out they are genuinely interested in each other or that in fact it was truly all just fiction and that makes their performance that much more impressive and we can take it for what it is and move to the next....any thoughts??? Does anyone else love the ost inst Spring In My Hometown? I'm trying to remember which scene that was played in.

     I personally am looking forward to "I'll Come To You When The Weather is Nice" 

    @Dana T it is indeed hard to separate OTPs on-screen chemistry to real life. :D maybe we are holding out for a closure; maybe if they will show us the deleted scenes and wrap up again or if HB and SYJ will be together in real life we'll be content. Or should it be both? Haha. I know this isnt a shipping page, sorry. :phew: :D

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  6. 1 hour ago, eLizza said:

    Omg..CLOY has set the bar so high that it is getting difficult moving on to other dramas.Ever since CLOY happened, I m not able to finish even one drama.I would start with something and after 2-3 episodes get bored and then go for a different one.It feels like there is a deep void.I think the only drama that I will be able watch and thoroughly enjoy right now is CLOY itself.Back to rewatching mode .:wub:

    @eLizza many articles have sprung up, suggesting other dramas that somehow strikes the same chord as CLOY but I doubt that could be the case. 

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