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  1. Shoppers, Im sure our Melo queen knows what she's doing or what she's done. No reason to worry at all. Don't just believe every negative comments or stories. I don't want to say anything anymore about those who spill negative stories and comments. I'm only concerned for the real shoppers who might be getting worried right now. Chill.
  2. There are really people who will sign up new membership, and comment just to dampen the fun here. Tsk tsk.
  3. How I wish there are some BTS or after BAA clips of Bo gum and Yoo Jung running to each other and catching up.
  4. Feels like this ship is going to reach its destination very soon! Yay!
  5. What's happening? Ive seen pics in IG of SYJ and HB at BAA that yejinhand liked! . I guess im late in the party!
  6. @forumsoomp no one has said any of what you were saying in the quote. You sound like you are scolding for nothing. I will stick to what I said that it is unthinkable that CLOY didnt win even just one major award. I wonder why you are saying things that are uncalled for. Again, no one here said any of what youre talking about. Also whats with the article that looks like youre trying to educate us how winners were selected? What are you really up to? Maybe you're mistaken. Perhaps it would be better if you try in a different thread where your advises will sound befitting. i agree with you @eLizza.
  7. Pyo chi soo deserved to be nominated as best supporting actor. But i was surprised cheol gang was not nominated. Cloy hit the globe by storm, i think thats enough proof that Cloy is deserving of award. Many expressed that Cloy is just overrated but i disagree. It wont gain such recognition and reception all around the world if it is not that good. Did any of the other dramas nominated impacted the world like Cloy? I dont think so. It is unthinkable that Cloy didnt get any major award.
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