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  1. @Icy00Swirl Same sentiments here. Writer Park Ji Eun, Director jung-hyo, SYJ and HB, and the supporting cast had set the bar high in kdrama landscape. The truth is I don't really watch series. But one day I saw the preview of CLoY, and I became interested (Seri crash landed on Jeong Hyeok and they became like statues haha! OTPs chemistry got me. Why they never been paired before or when they where younger?). Little did I know that CLOY will become an international hit. They deserve it. I wonder how BinJin and the cast and crew react as they themselves watch the fruit of their labor. Hands up!
  2. @Dana T Now that you mentioned that recording.. I like your take on it. Agree. Sometimes saying nothing at all says much more.
  3. I was musing again about CLOY earlier, Im impressed at how writer Park Ji Eun weaved her masterpiece skilfully and beautifully. No significant plot hole, storyline is seamless. Remember the time JH discovered that Seri's fridge is empty. That was a hilarious and comedic scene but she transformed it to a heart - melting and heart - warming scene when JH shopped for Seri and filled her pantry. through those scenes she was able to showcase their characters beautifully. That is just one, there are a myriad of ways writer nim amazed us. I just hope it was made clearer why Seri sought euthanasia in Switzerland. My hunch is.. With the kind of family life she had, a dysfunctional one, that could be the reason. She was unloved and longed to be loved. But I could be wrong, there may be another reason. Im a bit puzzled why that issue was not elaborated. Seri mentioned to JH her former suicide attempts but surprisingly, Seri didn't tell why nor did JH asked the reason why.
  4. A question once again, comrades. Thank you in advance. In Ep 10, there's a scene where Seri was waiting for the green light at the road intersection when she saw a kite and she stared at it quite long. Is there a symbolism there? Or the kite reminded her of her paragliding incident? What's your interpretation of this? it's funny that i check updates in this forum more than i do with fb. Im ignoring fb nowadays. Haha!
  5. I remember I commented to that before but I cant find it anymore. I guess it was deleted.
  6. Thank you for sharing this. I was mixed-up about GSJ but your explanation brought clarity and made me appreciate his character more. Couldn't agree more.
  7. Comrades I have some questions. In Ep 7, GSJ was having noodles with SD and there was a part he told SD that JH couldn't have romantic feelings because that is the downside of arranged marriage. He said something else then SD asked how did he know. He said he almost had an arranged marriage but it fell apart. Then his heart began to flutter and he couldn't stop thinking about her (he refered to SR right?). So GSJ had feelings for SR but was not very much in to her? Or he truly had budding feelings for SR after the engagement was called off but he also had other motives (reclaiming what his father lost in business)? Later on, he proposed marriage to SR as means to help her leave NK. I couldn't figure out what was truly in GSJ's heart and mind because after SR chased after JH, he eventually helped the two escape in order to bring SR to the outpost. Thank you!
  8. @Esteraela I think JH was not cheating on SD. He developed feelings for SR while he was helping her return to SK unintentionally and unknowingly. However, he finally acknowledged in himself that he likes SR when he was hospitalized at Sariwon (Ep 7). When SD visited him, he confessed and expressed to SD that they cannot continue the engagement because he has feelings for someone else. But SD wanted to stick to the wedding plans.
  9. @INeedAFan made some digging, seems SYJ has wedding scene in her 2003 series "Shark" and HB in "Hyde, Jekyll and Me. Will wait for your fanvid.
  10. i felt like this for Seri as well many times. Most especially at the scene where she was running after Jeong-Hyeok during the exchange of prisoners. I could feel the desperation like I was in her shoes. i also felt sympathetic to Jeong-hyeok during the scene where Seri was captured and he heard a gunshot after Seri said to him saranghaeyo. JH didnt say anything, his tears just flowed with a blank expression in tune with the ost pictures of my heart. I felt for him, like his world was crashing and he was dead worried.
  11. Sorry for this long post! ***Spoilers ahead for those who havent finished CLOY. So I finished watching CLOY last Mon. I couldn't post my thoughts right away. Maybe because it made me thinking though the show is over. I've never been so stressed out while watching a series until CLOY haha! It was almost all climactic events in the entire episode 15 and 16 if not to the lovable ducklings and funny NIS agents haha! I've never been so wrecked in watching OTPs until RJH and YSR. I don't normally cry while watching but HB and SYJ scenes really nailed it. Their scenes were like blow after blow to me I was ready to complain why are you guys doing this to me? Haha! I guess like many of you guys here, I just have to express myself, I can't stay silent heehee. RJH was just like a child in distraught after hearing a dying person's last words. So i understand why RJH pointed the gun to his temple. It is because of all the pressure. he was thinking of saving the day by dying. But those words of CCG were lies. It was funny that he called YSR ill words everytime and wanted RJH to join him in his death, wait what are you really CCG ? A third party or something haha! Seriously, instead of repenting he rather widen the damage to his last breath. Very good performance of Oh Man-seok as RJH's archenemy. I was hoping for a reconciliation scene between YSR and her stepmom but maybe writer nim deemed it not necessary. I just wanted to hear what seri has to say to her stepmom. Appreciate that stepmom stayed by her side just as RJH hoped when he and mom in law (heehee) talked in a Cafe. Wait, I waited for the business card put in good use. He didn't call her, anyway, I loved that stepmom was rooting for RJH the whole time. SYJ looked really sick as YSR that's why her dramatic scenes were so heartbreaking. Oh the noble idiocy part.. Well, RJH was protecting everyone. I understand that. He wanted to take all the consequences. But why did he have to say that seeing YSR bothers him more than seeing his own life fall apart. That was like a dagger thrust to YSR's heart. But the agony, oh boy of RJH after that. I was tearing inside seeing RJH's eyelids turn red and cry. Now about GSJ's death. I actually cried upon his scene at RJH's house with SD bidding his goodbye. Just the realization of GSJ leaving, when it dawned to SD, that was a heartbreaking scene too. I was hoping GSJ would start anew and become a better man like he hoped. But is it because there's not much time to develop his story with SD he got killed real quick. I was hoping for a reunion with SD abroad too. Besides, the kidnappers need GSJ alive because Se Hyeong and Sang ah needed him to bring down Seri. I just thought his part in the story was not yet developed and abruptly cut off. So it's not a Star-crossed love story for RiRi after all but for GSJ and SD. They didn't end up together. BTW, the begging-and-singing-children-in-the-market scene cuts to the heart. The NIS rookie was so funny and cute. He seemed to admire RJH. Trying to find RJH's wrongdoing they found his beautiful character instead. The NIS rookie was very "by the book", he even had RJH'S behavior of being in love analyzed. Hahaha! That was as clear as broad daylight. I was glad chief Kim (NIS) became a shipper of RiRi couple haha! I was relieved he showed CCG's latest received email. It brought clarity to RJH. His father won't abandon him and he has a plan. Isn't it intriguing that RJH and his father almost had synonymous lying about Seri (persuading her to go to NK). If RJH didn't see that email, he might have agreed to be executed in the woods in exchange for his family's welfare and his men's lives. Because he was convinced of CCG's lies that his return to NK will have grave consequences to the people he loves whether in NK or SK. Military Director wanted to execute them right away because he knew that if they stand on trial he will be found out (conspiring with CCG/ treason). Dir. Ri knew military director is up to something and it was confirmed at a quick phone call scene. I loved how despite the absence of emotions, Dir. Ri's love for his son just exuded effortlessly. RJH'S scenes with his parents are one of the most tear jerker for me. When Dir. Ri suddenly showed up in the woods and gunned down the military director, a tear flowed in RJH's eyes. All his doubts about his father were washed away by his father's reckless love for him. Obviously, Dir. Ri liked Seri. Haha. He even asked about her. But I think he absolutely understand why RJH was like that to Seri because he himself was amused at her. I loved his dialogues with Seri before. Too cool and hilarious! The exchange prisoners scene, Seri ran and cried hysterically that your heart will really go out for her. Son really justified her role. And HB, I didn't know he is that good in drama. CLOY must be his most shining moment in a Kdrama. When RJH answered Seri to wait and pray desperately because that is how one carries on. I remembered a scene where RJH, Seri and the ducklings were at an abandoned house in the outpost (demilitarized zone) before Seri cross border to SK. They talked about the mother who waited for his son to come back after the war. RJH said that waiting is the way for one to survive and live another day because of hope. Was it a foreshadowing also? If i will select a second title for this series it would be Hello, Love, Goodbye. Haha! So much goodbyes. But of course CLOY is still most suitable. She crash landed on him at the start and at the end of the story! Genius! Sang-ah was pure evil but I detest Se-hyeong even more. No backbone whatsoever. Never taking responsibility and would always pass the buck to others. He looked respectable in the outside but totally rotten to the core. What a heartbreak he is to his parents. I was waiting for the patriarch to tear up somehow because of Seri or Se hyeong but he never did. He stayed collect the whole time. If there's one good thing I saw in Seri's hospitalization that is the healing and change that started in her family. Her stepmom finally responded to Seri's unrequited love for her. Her family (except the evil couple) were genuinely concerned about her ailing health. Her family supported her in the end like how normal families would do. The scheduled text messages of RJH for a year was so sweet of him. A well-thought and well-meant gesture. He was more concerned of how Seri will adjust due to his absence. He loved her to bits. The walling moment of Seri at the kitchen was both heartbreaking and heart-warming. I appreciate that this series didn't have to resort to erotic scenes in order to show how much the two loved each other. The sacrificial things they did, how they cared for each other showed the profound and pure love they share. I applaud how writer nim woven the end. It is the best route I think. YSR and JH met again in a neutral ground. Though I was a bit dissatisfied that RJH didn't directly answered YSR'S questions on how he got to Switzerland. But I am happy that he got discharged from the army and recoursed to his dream of being a world renowned pianist. Without any details, writer nim was able to make us audience speculate that RJH'S parents have something to do about it. Remember the conversation between SD's mom and RJH'S mom. RJH's mom couldn't agree more to what SD's mom said, they only live once. We never saw it but we know that the turning point was there - RJH didn't necessarily have to follow his father's footsteps. In the end it is a happy LDR ending. I agree that they will have limited time together. They can't really be "together". But it was a decision that they resolved to stick to in order to hang on. Maybe there are indeed deleted scenes because of political reasons like the preggy picture of YSR with RJH. It is somewhat open ended. The writer lets us assume what happened next. Im actually assuming that crazy rich Seri bought the swiss house, that it is the OTP's house. They looked settled in, there are picture frames in the house with their moments together. I researched if foreigners can buy properties in Switzerland, for some exceptions apparently yes. Im even assuming that they are secretly married in Switzerland. Maybe because of political reasons the story couldn't delve further to those details. Besides, the finale+epilogue alone ran for 2 hours. If more scenes were added, i am not sure if that would be feasible. I was also expecting to see the twins but maybe those twins we saw in IG are real-life twins of someone in the cast or crew of CLOY. Maybe the kids of Chief Kim in real life. Heehee. CLOY, what have you done to us! So there it is, my very long reaction to CLOY. I doubt that I'll be watching a kdrama again unless its the same OTP (i doubt they will be paired again any sooner). Hyun Bin and Son yejin were just too good together. Perfect pairing! They justified their roles so much. OST never fails to give the "feels". The supporting cast are awesome. So much love exuded from the scenes with the ducklings and Ahjummas. They're unforgettable, funny, witty and ridiculously adorable. I loved how the ahjummas stood up for MBs wife, how the ducklings are ready to cover and defend each other, how SDs mom loved her dearly etc. The story was well crafted, seamlessly woven together that it is undeniably one of the best. Personally, it is the best for me. This series even placed a burden in me for NK, a hope that this country will be reformed, that good things will happen to this country and that it will open up. I will definitely have saudade for CLOY.
  12. I just thought it would add more heartache to us fans if this scene showed the couple rings as our OTP let go each other's hand.
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