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  1. My thoughts after watching episode 15. 1. That one on one scene with JH and SR was DAEBAK! Their acting was so unbelievably convincing. SR looked and sounded so sick while JH seemed to be in pain mentally and emotionally. 2. I know SYJ is a great actress but the fainting scene sealed the deal for me. I NEVER (and I mean never) saw an actress before (whether Hollywood, Korean or locally) faint so convincingly before. I am a doctor, so it's a pet peeve for me when I see inaccurate portryal of illness or hospital situations. But seriously, she should get the Best Actress award just for fainting like that. Bravo Son Ye Jin! 3. How awesome was Gu Seung Jun? When he confessed his love for SD, you can see the sincerity in his eyes. And when he tore his boarding pass, gaaah! Brilliant adlib! But I got distracted with his white pants....Haha... Made it obvious that he was kinda skinny. Couldn't help but ask myself how Hyun Bin would look in that kind of get up since HB oppa has some beautiful booty! Hahaha. Naughty me. 4. Although a bit lacking, I still had a connection with Seo Dan. I think their pairing works but not SR-JH level. Still, kudos to SJH for revealing more sides to her acting. That slow-mo running towards GSJ scene made her look like one of those animes (ala Fushigi Yugi style). 5. The Ducklings' loyalty to their Captain is amazing. Everything they do in this drama is enjoyable. I always am delighted to see them on screen. 6. The NK women sticking up for each other was also very heartwarming. The best thing about this drama apart from the leads are really the supporting cast. Everybody are just so great actors. Shout out to Seo Dan's mum and uncle for being Oscar winners. 7. And oh when JH heard that Sr fainted and he just bolted out the door but stopped and was looking down on her limp body... God...that broke my heart into thousand pieces. I felt that JH oppa. I felt that. 8. The NIS reflected us, the fans. Hahaha. Getting nitty-gritty on everything, analyzing their actions and scouring for evidence for our BinJin ship. Writernim also part of BinJin fans club, Im sure. 9. Yey CCG is dead! Deport 2nd oppa and wife to NK! Hooray for funny 1st oppa and wife. 10. And last but not the least, that EPILOGUE scene! Josmio! Gaaaah...sana all!!!! Omo, omo. Visual perfection at its finest. Good Lord! It reminded me of the Classic (coz I didnt watch Something in the Rain). But that was just daebak! Ahhhh..can't wait for episode 16. Please Kdrama gods...give them a 20% or up rating for the majimak episode. They all deserve it. Amen.
  2. Twin girls I think we are getting those twin girls! Yehey! Thanks PDnim and Writernim. The last time I posted in soompu foruma was eons ago.... When Fated To Love You was still airing. Shipped Jang Hyuk and Jang Na Ra so bad even if I knew Jang Hyuk was already married. Lolz... CLOY brought me back here. I hope this time my ship will sail.... Still not over the heartache of shipping Ha Ji Won and Jo In Sung for Bali...Hahaha. Hyun Bin and Ye Jin...can you please make our dreams come true? #powercouple
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