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  1. I can't play this video ㅠ.ㅠ Can you give me link of video when hb said that or can you tell me in what video he said that?
  2. Same hahaa. I keep wondering why I'm into this deep of other's relationship while myself couldn't find one ~_~
  3. Hi guys, I just found this forum few days ago and ended up read all your comments from page 1 until now reach 127 (ofc I skip some comment bcz there are toooo many comments ) I want to let you know that I am really thankful for all the things that you have shared. Im really happy that I found people who have same excitement with me I've been a fans of both HB and SYJ since my junior high school. That's why I'm really excited to know that they r in a dating rumor kyaa ≧∇≦ Before I found this forum, I am afraid people would call me over-delulu fans if I keep showing my excitement and expectation to BinJin couple. Ofc I've expressed my shipper side on my twitter or other but yeah I just write "omo they r so cute." some sort things like that. And its just represent 1% of my excitement towards BJcouple. But... my days haven't been really greeaaat more than these days after I found this forum. It feels like somebody invite me to a luxury cruise ship for free (yeah BinJin ship, and for @cybertron, thank you for creating this thread ~\(≧▽≦)/~) Okay, i'll stop here before I waste your time more and more. Im sorry and thank you for spend your time to read this unimportant story from me. Just so u know that I love u guys, I don't know if gossiping(in a good term haha) with my global friends will be this greatttt. Have a nice day my comrades~~ ^o^ P. s. sorry for my bad english ^.^
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