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  1. Cant wait to watch this latest drama. Hope there will be some behind the scene shots which I always watching.
  2. Seems everyone agrees that the story should have additional episodes, maybe 1 or 2 episodes to have a proper ending. Provided the writer and director do a U turn to fill in all the missing gaps
  3. Love this drama. But felt that they should add another 1 or 2 episodes to the ending, which is too abrupt. There are missing gaps like How EnBo found her way to her mother, how she survive, and also giving birth to the little prince, what happen to Queen Mother and Consort Kim. Also did En Bo finally brought back to the Palace as Queen, and Queen Dowager reaction when she found out about her grandson. It wud be perfect ending instead of keep the audience to form their own conclusion. However overall I love this drama 100%, and the fantastic casts. The chemistry with the 2 leads is just so lovely.
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