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  1. @kokodus share your thoughts here later. We can spazz together. Especially about ODO. Hahaha @Lmangla good point. I do that as well if it's too many pages to read. I try to backread later if I am not busy. And yes, it slows down and gives you the time to read the posts one by one. But you see it moves quite fast again . It's like a jinx. You can't say it's slow down cuz it can suddenly moves pretty fast. Lol You see I hope he could be good and take responsible for his crimes and that way he still has the chance for happy ending. Huhuhu. The opening scene in the pool is quite sad. The narration of both are like telling how they both in the near future. Hi @angelangie *waves* the word boss reminds me the old days before a typhoon hit soompi site. -2
  2. @kokodus WIL is good enough! The first two episode started very compelling. They give you the guessing husband vibe like in Reply series for the mysterious dad part. But there are some parts that annoyed me from the male characters. Lol. ah.. I see. IONTBO was quite slow compared to the previous episodes. But it is good so far. 372
  3. @MinLyn yeah.. I love to do so. Doing math while chit-chating this and that randomly are quite relaxing for me. Haha I have to take a shower now. So see you again later chingus! Last number for now 384
  4. It'a what I'm thinking. Looking how his parents are like that and the suspicion over him from the people who knows him are making him more into developing more tendencies of the psychopath. I think both FOE and IONTBO are having one thing in common. They both talking about how these children living under their pschopath parents influence and that makes them growing differently with psychotic tendencies. -2
  5. In case mine could develop into spoilers to those who haven't watched Hahaa. Don't worry we'll stick to be your company as much as we can. 396
  6. Another team add appears hahaa. So many adds coming. Welcome to all new adds chingus! I wonder why very few subtract comes. Lol Hm.. FOE or IONTBO. These two are perfect one to watch in any weather. -2
  7. Same for me. Will continue foe but I haven't taken a bath. Just got home. Haha 402
  8. @MinLyn I have many new apps installed recently as well and my phone couldn't afford it to have another more apps unless I change it into a new one. Huhuhu. So yeah I prefer staying here even only a couple of you stay. It's enough as long as I'm not alone. Haha 410
  9. Oh... I skip this plan and start FOE instead. Did you watch? LJK oppa looks so dashing! He's too sweet to be a psychopath killer. Miss you too strongtower! 410
  10. Kokodus are you talking about FOE?? I watched ep 1 already. And wow I like the show! And here I am wishing him to be a good guy. I mean he is like a placid water and the reporter is triggering him like that by making him insecure with his coming and telling he remembers him. Ahhh... Something wrong with me too. I think I'm falling for him. Huhuhu @MinLyn @MY15 hahaa. Yes today we can't but tomorrow maybe. I want it to restart over from an even score. Then maybe I can say we also bored from winning. I see that people move on discord. It's why this place is quiet. -2
  11. Come across to this post. Jin Joo and Jo Jung Suk oppa are so cute and hilarious. SYJ's fight sibling dubbing is quite viral these days. Btw how is @angelangie doing, busy? I think you missed our victory record yesterday. Please update the score board Good afternoon! Have you got your lunch peeps? Hope you do. Ah.. the other part of the world which is asleep now, have a rest to you. 418
  12. Just Google it you'll find it where. Haha. If you have viu, you can watch it there. I see it there up already. 482 @kokodus ok I'll catch up soon! @triplem I have different drama every day plus variety. Lol
  13. @wallflowersforjane it's because HOW. They always have it in almost episode and the one they cooked with clams are inspired me to make one. But we don't have clams so meat instead. Haha. I haven't watched but I was tagged into the thread's post where that kiss happened. Lol So have you done it? How was it? Good? 482
  14. The camera lighting works badly. Hahaa. But it taste quite good. I put many chilli and meat. We run out of cabbages. Too bad. It could be a perfect ramyun with kimchi ala ala. Hahaha 488
  15. Make it almost 20 minutes. Done it in 5 minutes. Hahaha. No red chilli so green spicy chilli is ok. Virtually send to you all chingus. Hehe -2
  16. -2 Wow good job teammates!! My ramyun is ready!!
  17. It's not done yet! I'll give you all some later. Hahaha -2
  18. Yes. I am cooking ramyun. Haahaha -2
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