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  1. @wallflowersforjane Oh just come back and found your message here. It was such a good show. I mean a superb one. It was really fun from the start to the end. It's quite rare to find a show that I really like it much than this before. Anyway. It's fun to watch it with you and all the chingus here. Wishing for S2. Hope Netflix hears us here. Haha.
  2. @partyon it's a late reply from me here, it's morning again here, 40 minutes to breakfast time. Suddenly rain again here. Makes me wanna go back to sleep. Lol Wait you're back to team add? 494
  3. 118 Good morning from my side of the world!
  4. I am quite busy at work lately and must missed a lot of things. I just read some sad news here. I feel so sad. I feel like the home where I found here is going to be tear down soon. If most of you leave then I feel so lonely. Huhuhu -2
  5. 270 Good morning/afternoon/night to u all Wait is he the zombie? He doesn't look like a zombie like I always know. He looks much better than what zombie usual look.
  6. True. I see a bright morning with blue sky today. The next person is still in lockdown.
  7. False. @Guest031284 not really. But if I find a new one that better than what I have now. Why not. Haha. The next person is also visiting on +/- thread.
  8. Enough with RL. Now we go back to dramaland, the happy land. Hahaha I want to watch my dramas that I paused for days. 390
  9. @larus @partyon These days I feel worried whenever the news mentioned about positive cases. @vangsweetie637 hang in there. Stay safe and healthy for everyone who are still in lockdown. Hope this nightmare will end soon. I feel like Zombies are less scarier than covid 19, sigh. 398
  10. 474 Heavy rain since dawn, no bright sunrise. Very cold. Pulled back the blanket over me. Get some more sleep.
  11. Same. Hahaa. Dramas and varieties whenever at free time.
  12. False. The next person is looking for a new job.
  13. 486 ah what was that news??? @Hanyeoun I feel sad now.... you did a lot great things so far. And it's so sad to read you're stepping down. ah..... I just love soompi more but this is too heartbreaking now.
  14. I've done watching a few days ago but never got the chance to write my first impression to this yet. don't know what to write cuz I have wrote most my comments somewhere else. And I already forgot what to write more here, haha. But one thing for sure the story is legit and it enriched with lots of layered conflicts and characters. I really like the prologue in ep 1 which shows how the future gonna be look like for them soon. or it could be how they actually first meeting after each other revealing their mask. it what makes me attracted to this more, what you see isn't everything until it really comes clear. LOL. moral value how to do bad things but nothing can harm your public image to his daughter. I know it is wrong on so many levels. But the other parent of the kid is also at fault. I just wonder if they cast another actor aside from LJK, will I still like him being this psychopath? hahaha.
  15. Now I'm going to take a shower. See you later guys. Don't forget alert tue boss to update the score. Hahaha No number special for add who leave us for easy win today. Hahaha
  16. 0 Finally!!! Good job teammates!
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