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  1. Is there a fan fic group somewhere on Soompi? Would love to explore it. 

    1. Alice Wonderland

      Alice Wonderland

      Well, if you refer to what I shared on the thread, it's not that kind of group. There was a fanfic thread on soompi but it has been archieved/locked since not many people are using it again.


      I was invited to a PM group and in there we shared lots of spoilers related TKEM. Because sharing on the thread won't make everyone happy. Some likes them some are not. So we are bunch of people who just gathered for separate room to discuss it. And somehow we made a little fanfic of the ending. Well, what I shared is what we got so far. :lol:

    2. /\mirmz/\


      yeah the fanfic section is AWESOME  ;)


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