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  1. Wwooooww I didn't read the topic just one dy and I have to catch up with 10 pages You guys are awesome! I just finished ep 34 and seeing dong hua jealous is so cute And Lian Song seriousness in gossiping is hilarious as hell
  2. Sure I'm from Indonesia but I don't live in Indonesia now. I'll send you pm. It's dijun anyway he know how to smoooochhh our fengjiu
  3. So only china will get vvip then. While we just get 6 ep in 1 week then. Too bad. So you're from Indonesia
  4. It is much much better than TMOB. I remember last time there's scenes where someone just cut through the pillar. They really did improve with the rendering for ELOD.
  5. That's true. Dong Hua who supposed to wear purple. Some of his clothes are mainly white with purple accent here and there (is it should be the other way round??)
  6. Yes too much white. Unless she state the reason why she use white a lot in this theme.
  7. Thank you for the video. I hope I can understand what she was saying. To me honestly I like the design. Me as Fashion designer itself. The costumes are hard to make because she combine some of the fabric and sew it together. Although she is using too many white color and not too much colour variation. for the costumes but the technique that she use consume lots of times and tricky.
  8. I hope GWG with Reba but well I accept it as long as he's happy I heard about the rumor too. But they didn't comfirmed it so I thought it may be wrong.
  9. I don't seeing them having much conversation in bts (?) I Can see her having comfortable around him(dance like she don't care and not shy)but haven't see Vengo being chatty with her. Or am I miss some bts maybe? Hmmm..
  10. So far why in the bts I don't see much of veng and Reb interaction. I really looking forward for their bts but I don't really see it much even thou now they have same screen together.
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