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  1. hi everyone again i haven't been here for a while ^^;; seeing the preview for bamboo forest actually made me remember the time cheoljong volunteered to go after and kill sobong - he stopped prince yangpyeong (who we all know would finish the job without any hesitance consider how prejudiced he was against the entire andong kim at that time) and volunteered to go instead. prince yangpyeong then said "don't let your personal feelings cloud your judgement". back then i thought it was surprising he said that - it meant that he was aware that cheoljong had a soft spot for soyong, insinu
  2. honestly at this point i'm fully convinced the writers just decided to write her as annoying and selfish as humanely possible. like she was literally not even needed in that scene but she just appeared to talk nonsense ksdjnfksdjnf sorry i don't really understand your qn... because the king did save her? i think the king probably asked people to swap out the poison that she was being fed, making her pass out instead of die. and he wanted to let the queen know since it was also his promise to her (and probably also she was so heartbroken at that moment and was ready to go ballist
  3. same!! really happy that they went with this route, i think everyone had doubts they would because of how conservative korean dramas are. reminds me of hyesun mentioning in her interview how she was really worried about how her character will make viewers uncomfortable, so she tried to approach the character (bh and sy) as genderless personalities (not exact wording but similar meaning). honestly kudos to hyesun for pulling off this character, she really did an amazing job. that said i still think that whatever happened was pretty much dubcon. the collaborative effort of hyesun, j
  4. i haven't seen any gifs of him as of yet! but omg that scene literally got me rolling on the floor. i love him as well xD i think sobong is feeling guilty for having feelings for cheoljong. the thing is i don't think she/he/they have it completely down what their identity is yet. they don't know if soyong is going to return completely, and if soyong returns what is she gonna do when she finds out the king is in love with not really her? imo the writers are likely gonna go the both-of-them-are-one-soul way, it's just that sobong has yet to figure it out. bong hwan is
  5. hehe np and thanks xD she was freaking out cos she just found out the one she spent the night with was cheoljong and not hongyeon
  6. he had an entire choreography and storyline ready i absolutely lost it also the plot twist at the end? threw my entire phone. this episode was freaking great i hollered so much
  7. i just watched the scene with chinese subs and I'M SO ANGRY it's not just rejecting him, she literally said (tw: mention of suicide) and he recalls it as a fond memory??????? what the flipping..... Edit: added this in just cos i didn't wanna create an extra post but HAHA YES THIS. when he was so angry and shouting i was so afraid his stitches would burst turned out his skin was already completely healed over
  8. @aisling yea i get you... i feel a bit uncomfortable with swooning over what happened too, just focusing on shs and kjh's chemistry rn lel. even what the queen said to cheoljong before the kiss was directed towards hongyeon, so... idk. the ep 14 summary mentioned that they had a "hot night" so i think it may actually have happened, some ppl were pointing out that it was similar to the c-drama/novel versions too. a big sigh. but yea, atm we still don't know how the whole thing played out i guess, fingers crossed for tomorrow.
  9. was so excited but this aspect def let it down a lot. we'll see how they reconcile it tmr i guess................................
  10. no worries, the explosion took us all by surprise (or shock) really. was already so heartbroken for him the scene before that and then this happened... hopefully the bts clips tomorrow will be more joyful! :'D
  11. i'm not sure if she's the one who sent him around (i can't really remember the details of the ritual), i thought she just discovered that there's someone else's soul in soyong's body and the timing coincided with the exchange (because of bong hwan's body on the verge of death on the other side)?
  12. don't know who is behind it yet... but yes he's alive and looks like he'll be back stronger than ever in the ep 13 preview!
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